Tuesday, March 2, 2010

See de Fish!!

So about two weeks ago my girls and I all happen to have the day off of work and school...which never seems to happen by chance...so we decided to head out of Normandy and up to Jenks, Oklahoma which is just south of Tulsa.. We had such a blast!!! We were very lucky b/c it just happened to be feeding day for the sharks!!! We also got to see the piranha, electric eel and some spitting fish feed as well. We all took tons & tons of pictures both w/ out cameras and phones... Callie and I were quite impressed with the quality of the iPhone camera!!

I have like a zillion pictures!! These are a few of my favorites!!!

The jelly fish were my favorite!!
Many Nemos....
Pretty stuffs....forgot what they were called

this turtle weighs about 120 something lbs ... they said that its a pound for every year of it's life....so its over 100 years old!!!!!

We also got to see these lovely beavers and some otters which were the cutest little things ever ...but way too fast for our cameras!!

After all the fish watching we were quite famished so we left the aquarium in search for food for ourselves.. after driving in a complete circle we ended up at Los Cabos Mexican Grill and it was the best Mexican food I have had in a VERY long time...I so wish we had one closer to us then in Jenks...



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