Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Current Craze #2

Currently I have found a few new things that I love and and thought I would share them with you... I know I've had a post like this in the past but I'm always finding new things so I thought I'd share in no particular order...........

Sharpie Pen ... I love this pen!! The only downfall it that it doesn't work well on carbon copies :(

Bic Mark -It permanent markers....my friend Lindy gave me this set and I love them!!! All the colors and you can write on ANYTHING!! And they have these little rubber grippers just for your comfort!

My Rocket Dog Shoes.....I've had these for about 2yrs and I kinda forgot about them until recent. So I started wearing them and they are so comfy and I had gotten them on sale -- I actually found this pic online b/c I'm too lazy to take my own pic :)

Lemon Propel Packets .....I love this stuff its my favorite flavor!!! I hate drinking water....so I drink this instead .... I know nothing is as good for you as water but I figure this is better than coke.

My tart burner... this has been a love of mine for about 4yrs now!! I keep it in my kitchen and it pretty much smells up my whole house. The best part is that its electric so I don't have to worry about burning the joint down. This is my actual one I got from Bed Bath & Beyond. I found a new sent by Tyler (which I didn't know until yesterday that they had melters) Its called Limelight -- I love love love it.

Dear Yankee Candle,
I have been a loyal customer of yours for sometime now -- but you have disappointed me once again by discontinuing my favorite scent. First it was Juicy Orange, oh how you made my house smell so good. Now you have taken away my Good Morning scent...I just don't know if our relationship can survive this blow.
Disappointed in Norman

Current annoyance - My dog Casey - keeps whining - he has food and water, I gave him a cookie the back door is open so he can go outside freely -- and he is sitting here whinging at me -- I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT....

Currently listening to local Norman band Mama Sweet.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Well today is D-day #1 (diet day) I have to do something and now I am going to blog about it so this means I gotta do it -- I wouldn't want to disappoint my blog friends nor be embarrassed for slacking online :). So here are the dirty details and some may think this is crazy BUT I have to post the truth. I am 5'1 use to be small build now topping 149lbs - the most I've ever weighed in my entire life and I hate it. I hate the way it looks!! I am disgusted w/ my own self. So I have to change thats all there is. Now I ordered some diet pills -- which I want you to know I am typically TOTALLY against diet pills -- but I did research and read reviews and they don't have ephedra in them and Brad took them about 8 months ago and he said they didn't make him shaky or anything - so I took the first one today b/f going to eat sushi w/ the sweetest girl I know and I feel fine on them so far - Brad said they gave him energy, I'm not feeling that but maybe thats b/c I was up until 330am reading my book last night - IT'S SO GOOD!!

So anyways now that I've posted this I have to stick w/ it! Tomorrow is gym day, today is clean the bedroom day (which is a workout since I'm planning on rearranging) oh and I had to give Cooper a bath since he sat in mud ....silly dog

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fingers Crossed!!

Thanks to everyone who helped us vote on a picture of Charlie. The winning picture was # 1. I got emails and comments on here and even one phone call :0)

Brad is happy b/c that was the picture he wanted. And if you don't know what I'm talking about go here. His registration goes in the mail tomorrow and we should find out if he makes it in on April 10th...so keep you fingers and toes crossed for little Bean.

Here is more info on the doxi dash if your interested.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having Troubles

So I am trying to figure out this signature thing that I see around on others blogs and I really like it but I am stumped. I have followed the directions listed below


To add your signature to a post:
- Click "Edit HTML" in the editor window
- Insert the HTML code of the signature
- Click "Edit HTML" and continue editing

Now when it says "Edit HTML" does that mean like my layout HTML?? Or my post HTML??? and if its my post HTML do I have to copy and paste the signature in every time?? If I do then I really don't know how I feel about it... I just want it to appear automatically!!



HTML challenged in Norman

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Which one do you like best......

We are having to submit a picture of Charlie for the Dachshund Dash drawing and we can't decide. I wanna know which one YOU like the best!!

Option #1
Option #2

Option #3

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bird Cage

Just about everyday I wake up and the first thing I do is look out the window to see what the weather is like. Especially when I wake at 11ish and its pretty dark in my bedroom as it was this morning. So today I'm looking out the bedroom window- which faces the front yard - and I noticed a bird sitting out this lantern we have hanging from our porch. Then I look closer and noticed there is a bird inside of it. I'm thinking how the heck did this happen and obviously the little guy is stuck. So I go outside to open the door so it can fly out and when I do it begins to panic and tries to fly through the little opening on the bottom and it gets stuck and its all freaking out I was so afraid it was going to have a heart attack. After I open the door I take one of Brad's shoes, it was the first think I found, and put it in front of the bird so that he would go back into the lantern so he could fly out the door. Well after he did that he sat in there about 20 min b/f the little fellow finally flew away, thank goodness.

Here are some pictures so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

That little opening at the bottom is where he was trying to get out of and he would get stuck :(

currently listening to the thunderstorms roll in and loving it!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And Your Reason For Visit Today...

So lately we have had just a few interesting things come through the ER -- its actually been quite boring -- I think one thing I miss about the overnight shift is all the crazies that walk through the door at 3am -- but anyways here are just a few that peeked my interest over the past couple of weeks.

So there is a state mental hospital about a city block away from us which can always bring in entertaining people. We have a new character that swallows pencils. Yep saw the endo pictures w/ my own eyes. A pencil broken in 3 peices down his throat. Now this in itself is a bit crazy but the craziest thing is that after the first visit for this pencil "mishap" on Friday he came back again on Saturday for the exact same thing!!

What are you serious who watches these people and why do they keep letting this guy get pencils!!

He is a new visitor - we use to have a guy from there that would not stick to pencils but swallow all kinds of things one that included batteries -- scary!!!

Last week there was a gentleman who checked in for general weakness and I was walking down the hall and couldn't help but noticed when I walked by his door that his feet were rotting off!! They were black and partially bandaged. Now I have seen this b/f sometimes if people have diabetes and don't take care of it they will get a sore on their foot and basically turn to infection next thing you know dying flesh. Had a guy come in and his whole foot was black and dead - kinda like that Adam Sandler movie crap can't think of the name of it... ah Mr. Deeds - anyways it stunk like dead animal!! Well this gentleman ended up being admitted and I had to go in to have him sign some ppwk and I noticed that all his finger tips were black hard and dead like too, luckly his wife was there to sign for him- it just makes me wonder how people let things get to THAT point you know!

We have had two accidental gun shots in the last couple of weeks. The first one was a bit suspicious -- Young girl was riding in the car w/ friends and the guy in the backseat was messing w/ a gun it went off and she was shot through the arm and into the stomach. Had to go to surgery she was fine. What was weird is that they found a gun at walmart and she was picked up by paramedics at braums across the highway -- police believe the two scenes were related.

Then yesterday we had a humorous misfortune - this guy come in and it was his birthday, he had been at the gun range and there was a kid I guess a few stalls down from him who just reloaded his gun when it discharged and hit birthday boy in the ass. Yep right though the right cheek into the left. He was a really good sport about it especially after the morphine. You couldn't help but laugh about it.

currently listening to my friend Camille Harp check her out! Love the song simple & dirty white boy and many many others!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The City

Ok so I started to watch the first couple of episodes of MTV's The City and even though I liked it a lot I stopped watching b/c it conflicted w/ my DVR time - Intervention on A&E is Monday nights and Medium and so I couldn't record it too...So I just got done watching all the episodes on mtv.com.

- Seriously how did we survive w/o dvrs and the ablility to watch tv on the interwebs -

Anyways I just want to first point out the Olivia and her gay cousin are total BITCHES!!!! I loved it when she totally stumbled through her presentation ...and um...and um -- Yeah thats what you get you snobby bitch for taking credit for Whitney's ELLE cover!! Oh I would have had words w/ her by now I don't know how Whitney does it. I wonder what LC has to say about Whit's new workmate.

Jay and his buddy Adam --- I can not believe Adam straight up lied to his girl about making out w/ that one chick Cat. And when Allie confronted him and said she could tell that Cat was hurt by the fact that she had made out w/ someones b/f - he turned it around and said something to the fact that she was in pain b/c she knew she had lied about it --- UM WHATEVER -- I'm calling bullshit -- Love can blind the smartest people -- trust me I know I use to be one of them. And then we just have to presume that Jay hooked up w/ his ex AGAIN -- do you think those were real tears when he broke up w/ Whit?? Seriously!

And on a last note Allie just needs to eat a fucking burger and a ton of fries -- that girl is too skinny and she looks sickly!!

On a happy note The Hills returns in April -- So excited -- I saw a preview and it looks juicy :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I was told yesterday that it was time for me to blog again and I am sorry that I haven't really posted in almost a week but I've been in a funk - no sure why. Anyways.....

So since I've been in a funk I've been watching TV - which I do way too much whether I'm funky or not .... but here are the shows I've been keeping an eye on.

So Brad and I LOVE this show we get so excited about it every season. However I found this season to be a bit disappointing. First of all its already over!! I think it ran for two months which is just crap. Second there was no crazy crazy drama I thought. Last season ended when Eve shot Julia and she had no memory of who she was. Well they barely even touched that story this season she just moved away -- WHATEVER. Then Christian marries Liz the lesbian b/c he thinks he only has 6 months to live and find out on the last show that hes not dying - so now what is he to do....ugggh just very disappointed this season.

Breaking Bad
Brad found this show last year and I like it! It's about this science teacher who is dying and starts cooking meth to make all this money for his family -- Now him and his partner are mixed in w/ some crazy drug dealers and oh by the way did I mention that his brother.in.law works for the DEA -- season just started this last Sunday on AMC at 9 if your interested.

Ghost Whisper
I love this show - I know it can be a bit cheesy at times but I don't care and this next week I think is going to be really good - Melinda finally told (crap I can't remember his name) that her husbands soul went into his body - and this next week I think Jim (her husband) comes back! I was so sad when he died last season - I think I actually cried - lame I know.

Greys and Private Practice
I don't remember what happened per say on the last episode b/c that was so 2 weeks ago but I remember that I can't wait to see the next one which hopefully is this week.


Last Night we watched My Best Friends Girlfriend with Jason Biggs and Dane Cook. I thought it was pretty cute and funny I would recommend it. Brad even liked it and he didn't even wanna watch it at first.

Goodfellas - so far this has been my favorite movie that we have rec'd from the flix - I had never seen it b/f and I loved it!! It made me wish I was a mobster :) if you haven't seen it I highly suggest it!!!

Burn After Reading - this was a cute movie - we went in w/ low expectations so I liked it a bit more then the average. I kinda remined me of Snatch (great movie) or Lock Stock and Two Barrels.

So there you have it my life has been SOOO...exciting latley - sorry if this was a boring blog - I will try harder next time.

~I forgot to mention How I Met Your Mother - this has got to be our favorite show!! Its so funny - thats all :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am cranky - and tired - and frustrated - its just one of those days!! Dropped half my lunch on the floor - hit a baby in the head w/ the door - bad kinda day - dogs are growling at each other and barking outside at midnight - money woes kinda day!!

I'm off to bed now! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.....to be continued....

Friday, March 6, 2009


I could not get into this book - in fact I didn't even read it. I ordered it from amazon and when I told Brad about it he reminded me that I had tried to read it b/f and I didn't like it. You see when I ordered it this cover is different than the one I tried to read b/f so I didn't believe him. So I can't give much of a review - sorry people - I only got through chapter 1.

Snappy - if your interested you are welcome to have this book - you just have to meet me for dinner one night and I'll be more than happy to pass it along to you :)

This author did wright stiff which is about the different things that happen to your body after you die - now that book is REALLY good and interesting - I highly suggest it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Give Me A Break!

I don't know about anyone else but I am so tired of hearing about this lady who has had these 8 babies!!! I'm watching Entertainment Tonight currently and I think this lady is fucking nuts!! She has 14 children now, unemployed, living at her parents house and single! WTF!!!

just in case you've been living under a rock in the last month

Now her mom might lose her house b/c her she is $20,000.00 behind in her mortgage. First of all this woman needs a job!! And second 14 children!!!! She already had 6 no need for anymore!!! And her mother is clearly not happy w/ her decision - what is this woman thinking!!!

Would love to hear what you all have to say about this....

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