Monday, March 29, 2010

My new favorites...

Shampoo & Conditioner

Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner
Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner is an exclusive blend of organic coconut milk to nourish your hair, while ultra whipped egg white proteins add strength and elasticity, along with weightless coconut oils to add hydration and balance. The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft.

I was a bit sketchy about this shampoo at first b/c I am not a big coconut sent fan...but I love this stuff!! I actually love how it makes my hair smell!! Even after drying it I can still slightly smell the coconut and its not overpowering at all!!


A friend from work gave me a jar of honey that came from her husband's beehive....I have discovered so many things to do with honey and my favorite one is rice cakes w/ peanut butter, honey & banana slices on occasion...I actually find it a bit too filling if I add the banana but its still so yummy!!


I have also recently discovered Black Cherry yogurt!!! Oh my if you haven't tried this flavor yet do it today!! So far I have realized it doesn't even matter which brand you buy the flavor is awesome!!!

For my feet

This product only comes out once a year!!! It is Arbonne Pampermint foot scrub & lotion. My mom had given me some over the summer and I just fell in love with it. Like every girl out there we want soft toes but sometimes its not all that easy. I find it super simple with this product. I use it on my feet 2 - 3 times a week along w/ a pumas stone I then put the lotion on b/f my socks and off to work I go. This winter I found out this only comes out at Christmas and its a bit pricey since it is Arbonne...But I decided that it was worth it to me... I can't afford to get my toes done all the time at $30 -40 a I dropped $60.00 on this set and find that I am able to get my feet softer then the ladies at the nail place its worth it to me!!


Oh my goodness I almost forgot my new favorite vice  il Dolce Gelato!! If you live in the Norman or Moore area then YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS PLACE OUT!!! My favorite is to mix chocolate & almond!!! HEAVEN IN A CONE!! and you eat it with a tiny lil spoon and its totally worth every penny!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just one of those days....try again tomorrow...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Can you say ANNOYING...I think you can!

Ok we all have them...the people that keep popping up b/c they are famous ...or should I say WAS famous..and they annoy the living poo out of you and you don't even know why...Sometimes its their their actions even just their looks and as soon as they appear on TV or in a story and you try your best to change the channel or put down the magazine as fast as you can.... What got me thinking to blog about this brings me to my first victim...

Kristi Alley

She's coming out with another show about how she failed in life as a skinny woman...yes you had an acting career and then you got fat and then you lost weight and tried to come back and appeared on Oprah in a bathing suit!!.. of all things we don't want to see you in...and then guess what you got fat again and now another stupid TV show...Like Fat Actress on Showtime wasn't bad enough...please just hang up your hat nobody cares that the only way you stayed skinny was from the coke you did..ya that sends a great message.

Kate Gosselin

Seriously!! Now she's on dancing with the stars are you kidding me!!!! Who's watching all your kids while you dance?? Now I don't watch dancing with the stars but I will admit that I caught a few episodes of John & Kate + 8 and if I were John I would have divorced you years fact I don't think I would have married you in the first place you control freak!! Her family unfortunately failed as a unit and now she is dragging her dirty laundry into the had a show on TLC you did not make movies or support a good cause of any sort..nobody cares about you anymore!! Please go live your life in private..Thank You!

Dogg the Bounty Hunter

I do not watch this show and I never have...I do however watch A&E alot therefore I see stupid commercials on the rare occasion that I watch live TV....I think this is the ugliest couple ever!!! Cut the mullet please! I can only imagine how annoying you are if I were actually watch your show...this one just hits my list for aesthetics..or the lack of I should say!

The Osmonds

I've actually stopped watching Entertainment Tonight b/c of these people...for some reason ET thinks I care what Donnie or Marie's thoughts are about EVERYTHING....again these are people that "yes you did have a career in Hollywood...BUT now you don't" The End ..Good Bye!

Are there any people in the limelight that you can't stand??? Maybe some on my list...maybe not..I would like to hear about the ones that annoy you!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sugar Shamrock Fiasco

So I decided to make sugar cookies for work on Saturday when I was at Hobby Lobby and picked up a Shamrock cookie cutter while gathering other items. After work I headed to wal.mart to pick up some flour b/c I knew I was low...first off its like midnight.thirty and I'm walking to my car and a guy approaches me asking me for money for gas in his car...freaks me out b/c I'm just a little girl...Anyways I got away I get home and get started right away on making my cookies and I realize I don't have enough powder sugar for my butter-cream icing...then I run out of vanilla extract also while making the cookies and is needed in the as I am mixing the ingredients I am reading further along in my recipe I realize I am making the WRONG sugar cookie recipe!!! AHHHHHH.....I'm about ready to just give up at this point!!!

You see there are two recipes in my Betty Crocker cook book one is the No-Roll Sugar Cookie and one is just Sugar Cookie...I wanted the no roll b/c you don't have to refrigerate it for 2hrs prior to cutting & cooking...where the other you do...the one I accidently made at 1am and I don't want to wait TWO hours b/f making pretty shamrocks...So I finish mixing and stick it in the fridge and go to bed...

I wake up the next morning and get started on my cookies once again...I decided while laying in bed to just use the green sprinkles I bought w/o icing (I was going to run to the store in the morning for the missing ingredients for the frosting)

They are HUGE!!! and I always make them thicker then I prolly should...
In the oven...almost done...not a very good pic...but you get the point :O)
Finished Product!

So the recipe stated it makes 5 dozen 2inch cookies...I barely got 2 dozen out of it...which is an ok amount to take to work...wish I would have had more but what was I to do at this point...Brad was already at work when I had finished them and I was a bit nervous b/c he is my honorary  taste tester.. Luckily I ran into Kathy and she tried them b/f handing them out to the public...You see I don't like to eat my own cookies as much...not sure why...however the cookie dough, well thats a different story :O)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doxie Dash 2010

As you may know we are slightly obsessed w/ our little doxie Charlie Bean. Last year we were lucky enough to be chosen to have him race in the '09 Doxie Dash that is put on by the Oklahoma Gazette. This year we are sad to say that we are not going to be entering Charlie Bean into the dash...It turns out that they have moved from May to April 18th and Brad's 30th birthday the the following weekend and I may be attending a wedding the weekend b/f that on the 10th and its just way too much...So on that note we will be back 2011!! Watch out for the BEAN!

I just found this picture of Charlie on the Dachshund Dash website -- one of only 16 that were posted from last years race... so proud!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Live the Beast...Hello Zippy!!

So I'm behind on blogging about the loss of the longest relationship in my adult life...The Selling of the BEAST

The Beast was a 1995 chevy Tahoe - 2 door 4x4.....she was awesome especially when I first got her back in the summer of 2000. I was currently living in Stillwater, OK when I begged my parents to let me trade in my '94 Nissan Sentra  for the beast w/ 64k -- Having it in Stillwater was a lot of fun.....driving around on all the dirt roads and the mud puddles!!! The beast went all the way to Jacksonville, FL  (only to have the air conditioner compressor thing go out somewhere in the SW part of Oklahoma on the way home)  and all along the gulf coast .... down to Austin, TX and Dallas a little more then a handful of times.... The beast was with me for a few months shy of 10 years. I ended up selling her to a guy Brad knew through work -- She had 213k!!! Yep two -hundred and thirteen thousand miles on a chevy motor!!! 

I learned to live without when it came to the w/o air conditioning for the last 7 Oklahoma summers (wow - just did the math on that didn't realize I had gone that long) .... live w/o any form of music in my vehicle since about 4 years ago when my car was broken into at my apartment and they took my crappy old cd player w/ my disc 1 of Dave Matthews at Red Rocks (still kinda pissed about losing the CD) - I just never felt the need to spend the money on a new one.....I learned to live w/o being able to lock my doors the last year b/c the driver door hung funny and when I locked my doors especially when it was cold out I wouldn't be able to unlock them....It was time to let her go and get something more reliable.....I was actually surprised how emotional I got when they came and picked her up and took her away from my house never to be seen again...I cried...its pathetic I know.. 

Welcome...Zip, Zippy, Zipper

She is a 2008 chevy Aveo5 and I love her!!! My bestie Lindy Lou has a white one and I liked hers so much that I decided to go and get one...This is my very first car in my name alone!! Brad found it online (this is from the actual add...actual car!!) and I went yesterday (Monday) just to check it out on a whim. I ended up putting on my big girl panties and making the decision on my very own (no help from Brad or my mom) to make the deal!! It really felt awesome!! It has low miles, gets great gas mileage, it feels way bigger on the inside then it look on the has air conditioner and a stereo (which I'm going to upgrade to be able to play my iPhone)'s so economical!!! and its MY VERY OWN!! I chose the name Zippy b/c thats how I feel driving it come paired to the beast...even though the engine is half the power of the beast b/c of its size I feel that I'm just zipping around town...


On a side note I'm sad to report that someone bought the beast and ended up wrecking it this past Friday...rolling it 3 times.. the beast will never ride again :tear: however the driver left pretty much unharmed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Praying for Ben

I happen to notice the button above on one of the blogs I follow Adorably Distracted and I clicked on it...It directed me to Ben & Katie which then took me on an hour long adventure through the journey of the last 7 moths of their lives.. They were involved in a serious car accident which has left Ben with the task of recovery from a brain injury...The blog was started at the point of the accident by and family member and is now updated by his wife Katie. Katie has got to be one of the strongest women I have come across...She has taken control of both her and he husbands life decisions with complete faith in God and his journey for them. It is amazing b/c I am the same age as her and could not imagine the obstacles that she has had to endure since their life was flipped upside down while on the way to dinner one night. It just makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for and how everything can change in the blink of an eye!!

As some of you know me personally - you know that I do not vocalize my spirituality out loud... I believe it is a private matter b/w God and me. However I feel strongly connected to this story b/c  my father was involved in a serious car accident when he was a youngster in college. He too was in the Army like Ben and he suffered a serious brain injury only to recovery and meet my mom years later and have me. My father is an amazing man!! Even to this day he always see the bright side of things and is always cracking a joke!! This last year was a trying one for me as well b/c we had to make a decision to place him in a long term care facility..he calls it the hotel... it was a tough decision for my mother and I but it was the best one I think we have made in a long time...he has tons of friends and has a little lady named Ida that sits at his table that will only allow him to open her milk carton -- she won't even allow her own daughter...shes says "no I want Charlie to do it" cracks me up!!! 

It's stories like Ben & Katie's and my dad's that make me realize there is a higher being...through it all both Katie and my dad have stayed faithful in their beliefs... beliefs that would be questioned in those type of circumstances mom and I always joke that in the hierarchy it goes - God - Jesus - My dad ... anytime I go to her with problems she says "I'll have your dad pray for you...he's prayers always get answered"

If you happen to have time.... read their journey...if not all I ask is that you say a little prayer for them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Day Date

So I am a bit late on this post ....but better late then never... The Tuesday after Valentine's was Brad & I's  date day and it was a great day!!

(btw I decided to add lots of visuals for your enjoyment)

First off we grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell...because I am addicted to their new 5 layer burrito..

If you haven't tried one yet then I suggest you stop what you are doing RIGHT now and go get won't be disappointed!!

Then we headed to the movies to catch an afternoon showing of Avatar...
Now when this movie first came out I was not that interested in viewing it...I don't care for make.believe things like giant blue people...but everyone kept raving and raving on how good it was and that the story reminded them of Dances with Wolves and that I just had to see it in 3-D. So here we are looking like big o'l dweebs in our 3-D fashion ware..

I really enjoyed the movie more then I expected and suggest everyone now stops what they are doing RIGHT now and go see it.....quick b/f its out of the big movie theater....and run by taco bell on your way....

After seeing the movie I can see how people can relate it to Dances with Wolves ....however I personally thought it reminded me more of Fern-gully on steroids....whats your thoughts??? Gully or Wolves??

After the movies we headed to my favorite place to eat for special days...Red Lobster!!! I love the Red Lobster...those cheese biscuits yum!!! Where Brad let me get lobster..I've never had it b/f and I know Red Lobster isn't prolly the best place to try but when your nowhere near the ocean you take what you can get. I loved loved LOVED it!!! Tasted like steak!!!  This is what I feasted on!! 

and I ate the whole thing!! So good ...YUM!! I think Brad had this....I was too busy stuffing my own face to pay a whole lot of attention to anything else...

After gorging ourselves on lobster, shrimp, pasta and many...many cheese biscuits we rolled ourselves home to the couch and relaxed with a bit of was a fabulous day and I hope to do it again soon!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funk vs. Procrastination

I'm in a first I blamed the snowy, sun for days that the sun is coming around and that the weather is actually warming up..well a bit...I've realized I'm in a funk...I was doing really good and then I got a head cold this last week and downhill I went... Now I am feeling better but still have no desire to do the necessary things in laundry...I know once I get it done I will feel better and accomplished but right now I just want to nap and watch tv and redo my blog and read and do everything else BUT laundry and pick up the house....blah...maybe its not a funk...maybe its just my procrastination that is kicking in.....

See de Fish!!

So about two weeks ago my girls and I all happen to have the day off of work and school...which never seems to happen by we decided to head out of Normandy and up to Jenks, Oklahoma which is just south of Tulsa.. We had such a blast!!! We were very lucky b/c it just happened to be feeding day for the sharks!!! We also got to see the piranha, electric eel and some spitting fish feed as well. We all took tons & tons of pictures both w/ out cameras and phones... Callie and I were quite impressed with the quality of the iPhone camera!!

I have like a zillion pictures!! These are a few of my favorites!!!

The jelly fish were my favorite!!
Many Nemos....
Pretty stuffs....forgot what they were called

this turtle weighs about 120 something lbs ... they said that its a pound for every year of it's its over 100 years old!!!!!

We also got to see these lovely beavers and some otters which were the cutest little things ever ...but way too fast for our cameras!!

After all the fish watching we were quite famished so we left the aquarium in search for food for ourselves.. after driving in a complete circle we ended up at Los Cabos Mexican Grill and it was the best Mexican food I have had in a VERY long time...I so wish we had one closer to us then in Jenks...


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