Friday, May 22, 2009

Doxie Dash '09

This year our baby Charlie Bean was in the 5th annual Dachshund Dash. We were so excited !!! We trained him by running in the parking lot across the street and also playing fetch in the house. The only thing is that he got really scared when they put him in the little box.

We will work on that for next year!!

Once the race began the dogs on either side of him crossed in front of him along w/ their owners and Charlie did not see Brad right away, but once he did they were off...he was not even distracted w/ the other dogs running around him!!

I was quit impressed!

Charlie came in 4th in his heat out of 8! I think thats pretty darn good especially since this was his first race and he raced against Rufus the Grand Champion from the last two yrs! We had lots'o people show up to cheer little Bean Butt on. Both my parents and Brad's mom and step dad along with his granny and then a few of our friends -- It was a pretty fun afternoon to say the least :o)

Brad, Me & Charlie Bean

showing our support....

Brad & Bean watching the first race

the introduction

and they're off....

crossing the finish line
I'm so proud...sniff, sniff *tear*

Charlie Bean


Lopez said...

Your pictures are great.

I would like to state for the record that even though I didn't have a cute shirt and am not pictured above, I was there cheering on Charlie Bean, too!


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