Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok, ok I have been totally slacking in the blog department once again all I can say is I'm sorry.

So here's whats been happening I lay in bed listening to Brad snore and fidget around and I come up w/ all these fantastic blog topics and ideas and I will actually write them out (or at least get them started) in my head and then I eventually fall asleep. Next day I will go to blog and I got nothing -- or I know what I want to blog about but can't remember how I worded everything the night b/f and I just go blank...even w/ this one -- Last night I couldn't sleep I was so freakin, stinkin tired b/c we had done some yard work and I decided today I was going to blog about how I can't remember my blogs I come up w/ and I even thought man if only I had paper b/c I know I won't remember tomorrow.....and once again I remember subject but not all the wording -- I think I may invest in a small tape recorder -- if only I could get past the sound of my own voice....

does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice or is it just me... it sounds so much deeper in my head.

Anyways yesterday I got totally hooked on Tori & Dean home sweet hollywood... I know totally gay but I couldn't help it they had a marathon and I got sucked in so much that I have it set to record the new season.

anyone else out there a fan?? or am I the only one?

Reminds me I need to watch the Hills (another pointless show I'm addicted to)....think I'm going to do that now!



Lopez said...

Don't ever knock the Hills, lady! know what my new guilty pleasure is? Real Housewives of NJ! It was a season premiere on Tuesday, so I thought I would record it b/c i refuse to watch the other Real Housewives b/c I didn't see it from the beginning. HOOKED. INSTANTLY. 'nuff said.

I've noticed that I'm a super genius at night, too...right before I fall asleep...


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