Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is wrong with people...

*names have been changed to protect identity*

So I'm sitting at the front desk at work and this guy walks in and he has been stabbed in the abdomen. So we rush him straight back to a room and I go back there to register him and ask him for a social/ and name. Patient give it to me I check him in by ss# the last name and match different first name --- no biggie people go by different names all the time --- so go back in and we ask patient -- his name and he responds with *Ronnie but we have *Robbie (seriously this is how close the names are even though this is not his real name) We ask his again and that checks out and we ask for ss# again and he gives everything the same but the last four are! Patient has a freaking twin brother named *Robbie and gave me his ss# when I first asked him for okay. So Dr. have already put in orders for surgery and loads of blood from the blood bank and all kinds of other shit on the existing account # for *Robbie and now this isn't *Robbie. Patient has NO ID on him so how do we know who he REALLY is. His son who is like 15 or 16 now checks in so one of the police officers goes in to ask what his dad's name his and according to them the kid stumbles and says *Robbie no *Ronnie and from there on out says his dad's name is *Ronnie....again wtf. THEN another police officer says that someone at dispatch looked up their driver's license and the only difference b/w the two is one has blue eyes and one has green eyes. SO.... an officer goes in and looks at his eyes and asks the patient what color are your eyes and his response is "green" --- Well *Robbie has green and *Ronnie has blue ---- *Robbie is the name we originally had!!!! The officer truly believes that this is *Ronnie not *Robbie but how do we REALLY know!!!! Seriously!!!

Talk about a mess....I had a headache after that one!!! However the guy did have probably about a 4 to 5in stab wound with about 6 inches of fatty tissue hanging out that looked like raw hamburger meat --- pretty cool!!

Another interesting thing that came in last night is this guy walked in b/c he had a bottle of tabasco sauce stuck in his rectum.... I will give you a min to reread that sentence..... yep a bottle of tabasco sauce --- he had to go to surgery b/c the Dr was unable to remove it in the ER. I got to see the x-ray today and here the whole time I was picturing the Tabasco brand nope it was definitely the Louisiana brad - much like the bottle below....yep I thought I'd give you a picture ...and let me tell ya this was not a tiny bottle either!!

Once again.....What is wrong with people??


Carly Jane said...

Oh girl what a night for you. And really WTF is up with people. CRAZY. Glad you are dealing with them and not me I would just have strangled the guy and said tell me your reall name now or else... and as far as the guy with the hot sauce. Come on we do have stores that have niceer things to get you off then a bottle of hot sauce. Kudos to you for what you do.

the sweetest girl you know said...

Wow. That's all I can really say. Wow.

Lopez said...

Oh my word.

That is so gross that you described the fatty tissue as hamburger meat...i just ATE a hamburger and now my tummy isn't feeling too hot!

and what was the big mystery with his name? that is totally weird... did you find out how Ronnie i mean robbie got stabbed?

I thought the shoving stuff up the rectum was a myth...i didn't know people actually did that crap! Gross!!!


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