Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rolled Into One

Where do I start... Okay, okay I have been majorly slacking in the whole blog department and I do apologize to my blogger friends -- however even though I have not been blogging I want you to know that I still keep up w/ all of you :0)

D-Day Destruction

I fell off the wagon and have been off for a week now -- I stopped taking my diet pills which then made me super sleepy all last week due to caffeine withdrawal and the rainy weather and pms did not help that situation at all either. I did not go to the gym one time - I ate crap all week and felt like poo!

Tomorrow I am starting over -- I'm going to the store buying salad and fruit and good healthy stuffs -- I'm going to the gym and not ... I repeat NOT sleeping in until noon!! Plus I find I do not sleep good if I don't work out -- that alone makes me want to work out b/c I love good sleep!!

Life and tough decisions

Last week was a bit stressful for me -- it turned out that our coordinator has accepted another position within the hospital and therefor her job is now open. I have been and still am undecided on the options before me -- I am currently in a great work schedule - I only work Thur/Fri/Sat from 11a-11p -- yes it is my whole day BUT its only 3 out of 7. Well this job would be Sun - Thur 7a-3p which isn't bad at all either and I have Fri/Sat off and it includes a pretty good pay raise. It's a hard decision b/c no matter if I get this position (which I have a very strong chance of getting) or not I am wanting to go back to school in the fall -- the extra $$ would help w/ that since I am not wanting to take out any more student loans and also I am in a great need of a new set of wheels BUT it also means going back to working 5 days a week which include Sunday (I HATE working Sundays) and it would come w/ more responsibility b/c it is a management position. So I applied for it and will probably have an interview and whatever happens - happens - if its meant to be then it will.

8 Things

Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:

Mention the person that tagged you. Snappy
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Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
Go tell them you tagged them!


1. Charlie's Doxie Dash this next Saturday (the winner of the last couple yrs is in his heat)
2. Have 5 days off in a row next week -- good stuff
3. Going out w/ some friends for Cinco De Mayo on Tues
4. Summer!!! Laying out in the pool and having a tan!
5. Going to Colorado in July
6. Going back to school (see how long that last once I go back :))
7. Hanging out w/ Lindy tomorrow
8. Livin Life!


1. Got out of bed
2. Got dressed
3. Went to work
4. Checked in my first patient to claim "I have the swine flu"
5. Left work
6. Got a snickers sonic blast -- so yummy
7. Watched tv
8. Went to bed

What an exciting life I lead -- you know your jealous :0)


1. fly
2. be invisible
3. be done with school w/o actually having to go
4. be debt free
5. move to the ocean
6. win the lottery
7. have powers like Samantha from Bewitched
8. lose 20 lbs and still eat pasta everyday


1. grays anatomy
2. private practice
3. brothers & sisters
4. desperate housewives
5. the hills
6. medium
7. ghost whisper
8. 48 hr mystery


1. Callie
2. Clint
3. Carrie
4. walking in stilettos
5. life @ the white house
6. adorably distracted

-- I only got 6 -- I suck!

One Last Thing

Im in the process of finding a blog layout that I love and feels right and I can't so you'll probably see mine changing alot until I feel comfortable w/ the look -- and if anyone has any free layout sites you find helpful let me know!!


Lopez said...

I, too, am looking forward to seeing Charlie in the Doxie Dash!!!

Well...I think you should totally take the position if it is offered to you. The good thing about school is that you can almost always work classes around your work schedule. I am very envious of your current working schedule (3 days/week), BUT money is definitely motivation for anything...and you will be a boss! How cool is that?

So go to the interview...and know that I am sending good luck dust your way!!!

Ruggy13 said...

aww sounds fun! can't wait to fill it out!


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