Sunday, April 26, 2009

Norman Music Festival

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the day off of work and got to go to the Norman Music Festival. It was so much fun!!!!! What they did was they blocked off Main St. in downtown Norman and they had 2 large stages on opposite ends of the street and then they also had bands in the Sooner Theater and the Red Room and behind Dream Concepts. And you just wonder around listening to all the local bands and eating fair food and drinkin beer. There was a pretty good size group of us so we would sometimes split up for a bit and get back together. Afterwords we went down to New York Pizza on campus and ate some yummy pizza and then went home at 10:30.

Here are some pictures...

Mary & I

The Sweetest Girl I Know/Callie & I

Greg, Abbi, Derek, Me, Mary, Wes & Lance


the sweetest girl you know said...

I like that pic of us! It makes me realize that I need to start doing push ups, though. I had fun!

Lopez said...

I love your pictures!!! I'm so glad that you had so much fun (and maybe got a little tipsy...)

and you look BEA-utiful!!!

Lopez said...

Theresa!!! Where have you been all my life, blog slacker? Update, Update, Update! Your fans NEEEEEED you!!!

Need something to blog about? Well, I DID tag you yesterday on a meme!


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