Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last night our heater decided to stop working and its freaking cold in here!! I woke up and its 59* in our house!!!! I took Barney the Blue Beta to our neighbors b/c I was scared he was going to freeze to death!! Casey is shivering and he's the one w/ the most fur.....Ahhh I hate this Oklahoma weather you go from heater to windows open to air conditioner back to heater all in one day!! And the wind OMG! This is probably the first day in 4 that the wind has not been insane. So I'm waiting for Brad to get home to look at it b/f we call the landlord -- hopefully we don't have to call her (fingers crossed) --- I'm ready for summer!!


Lopez said...

I like that picture up there...is that snot dripping from his nose??

Sadness about the heater...doesn't the Landlord fix it for free, though? Isn't that part of the rent you are paying him/her??

Damn straight about the Oklahoma weather...two weeks ago: SNOW! craziness!

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the back ground!


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