Tuesday, April 14, 2009

D-Day + 15

So I went to the gym to be disappointed in the fact that I gain a pound back --- But I ate out ALOT last week and I need to stop doing that!!! FAST FOOD IS NOT GOOD -- even if it is your only meal other then cereal for breakfast....We went grocery shopping today and I got stuff to make a salad so I'm going to throw it all in a bowl and try to eat it tonight for dinner and tomorrow for lunch or something ... I don't know .... blah.... we did get these Special K crackers ---they are soooo... good!! We got the Italian Tomato & Herb ones...yum! I highly sugguest you try them! 17 is 90 calories and 24 is 120 calories -- I think I've had more then 17 :0) - even thought I haven't lost any weight I do feel a bit more lean...does that make sense...pluse muscle weighs more than fat and it takes muscle to burn the fat....ya something like that..at least thats what I'm going to keep saying to myself.


Lopez said...

Okay...I had to laugh at your accidentally writing bowel instead of bowl...that is SOOO funny...especially since you were putting a salad there!!! LOL...

I saw a commercial for the Special K Crackers...they look yummy! I may have to get me some of those!

In addition to eating in being healthier, Andy and I saved SO MUCH MONEY these past two weeks by eating in. I'm talking HUNDREDS of dollars here! I love this whole eat on a budget thing!!!

I wouldn't worry about gaining a pound...weight fluctuates like crazy between 1-2 pounds...that's why i try not to weigh myself every week.

m.j. said...

Haha...this isn't about your blog, but I'm following you on twitter now!
I just stopped by to see if you had your updates on your sidebar =)


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