Thursday, October 30, 2008

cleaning with reese

well right now im killing time while my ipod died on me in the middle of my bathroom clean and i just don't like cleaning w/o it .... i love my little shuffler i just clip it on and go....puts me in my own little world as i dance around cleaning the house.

does anybody else out there hate cleaning the bathroom as much as i do....i hate it....the smells of the cleaners... which are toxic...and the scrubbing my arm gets tired especially when i have to do all the shower walls...there is always hair everywhere (well if your a girl there is). its just gross!!

so i have 3 dogs and all hardwood floor and my problem has always been that they track dusty dirt into the know like dirt crumbs... i think i may have figured out a solution...i have 2 steps going into my house from the back and i put one of those door mats that has the green plastic grass on it that sticks up. when the dogs step on it the plastic grass rubs the dirt off their feet..... its kinda like them wiping there paws b/f they come in the house -- i know ive noticed a difference in the dusty dirt in my house thats for sure!

today i have cleaned almost my whole house ... you see i have family coming to visit tomorrow and i wait until the last minute possible to get everything clean....and why is it that you wait until guest are coming to clean the weird things the mini blinds or the baseboards like they are really going to notice....

i am obsessed w/ making sure my house smells good... i think its the fact that i have those 3 dogs and i would hate for people to walk in and have dogs don't you....i can smell them.... i will spend money on stuff especially if i like the smell -- old navy has these oil things w/ the wood sticks out of them i can't think of the proper name but anyways they smell so freaking good!!

so i got this new vacuum about a month or so ago and i just love it -- i can't think of what it is but i wanna say its a hoover -- bought it at walmart for like 80 bucks -- i did my research and its got a filter you never have to change you just clean it which i love bc my last one i could never find the f'in filters for!! and its for pets too it has this awesome attachment that picks up the pet fur. i use it on their bed and it works great!!

well i think im going to go back to cleaning i still have a bit to do b/f i can go to sleep.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


i have had the misfortune of living with the fact that i am someone who occasionally suffers from migraines. when i was younger i remember having one and i would put a rag on my head and go to bed and wake up and it would be gone. however as ive gotten older things have changed a little.... i now have the hardest time falling asleep w/ one and i awake very easily once i am asleep...for awhile it would cause me to get sick to my stomach and once that was over my headache was gone and now they hang around for more then one day! i think this is the worse...i got this headache last night at work came home went right to bed woke up 3 to 4 times and then when i decided to get up i still have it!!! ahhhhh.... and now i have to go to work w/ it which is just the worst i just wanna lay one the couch and cry..blah -- hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the beast has let me down again....

so im so frustrated w/ my truck. i don't know what to do -- im desperately in need of a new car........however i suck at saving money for a down payment and my truck is worth next to nothing....

today i was leaving target and my truck makes the horrible noise and i get out and look at it everything looks ok so i start driving and it kinda gets better and then i smell burning and im like great thats it its my motor its finally blown up ... i luckily get it pulled over into homeland parking and look at it and my belt is fried and melted (hence the burning smell) so i call brad to pick me up and im just about to cry b/c im so frustrated --- even though this is a small thing its just something else --- b/f this it was my battery and my blinkers are messed up and its just not reliable any longer -- so what to do??? a friends husband is going to replace it tomorrow for me thank god (my bf is mechanic retarded)--- but then what....wait until something else im just so sick of tired of the beast!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

procrastination is my profession

So i can't decide what to blog about but i feel like writing something ... i think b/c im just putting off the inevitable which is getting off my lazy butt and doing something productive. lets see so far today i've woken up at 3pm ate a piece of left over pizza and played around on my myspace read all my emails and now this.... what i should be doing is laundry b/c im out of socks ....dishes b/c im out of spoons and cleaning the bathroom b/c it looks like my makeup drawer threw up all over the counter. blah!

so for good news i did get my vacation time covered which im thrilled about however now ive got plans almost everyday --which is a little bit frustrating b/c its suppose to be relaxing time but oh well it will all work out.

the other night i did end up staying overnight at work b/c someone called in and im actually really glad that i did for two reasons ... the first being i talked by boss into finding someone to work for me on saturday (yesterday) so i would have that day off -- and second b/c i got to see an open tib/fib fracture --which i had never actually seen up close and personal b/f.

there was a hit and run motorcycle accident right by the hospital and the guy broke his leg rt above the ankle. the bone was protruding from the skin so much i could see it all....the shaft of the bone, the spongy bone inside and then there was a tendon that was exposed and of course blood... it was so bad the dr and nurse were not able to feel a pules in the foot by touch they had to get ultrasound doplar thing to listen for it -- he will be okay but did have to have surgery. the police at the time did not have any real leads but did have two witnesses . this is one of the reasons i love my job its so cool and you learn things all the time!

well i guess its time for me to try and get something done....

Friday, October 17, 2008


what is wrong w/ me lately?? i come home from work and stay up until 2am. i set my alarm for 10am which is about 8hrs of sleep and i can't wake up!!! i have not woken up b/f 1230pm this whole week -- and the only day that i woke up that early was today and that was b/c i had to get dog food b/f i went to work -- my normal time to wake has been 130pm.. just enough time to get up, eat breakfast, and get ready to go to work at 3pm. then on my days off i took naps --- wtf! is it the weather maybe??? im not depressed....i cant figure it out -- all i know is that my alarm goes off and i think to myself "eh i dont really have anything i need to do.... " snooze. i really need to be getting up maybe doin a load of laundry or two... oh well hopefully ill snap out of it soon i think that working overnights for 9 months and all that OT i did just threw my whole sleep off completely!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Head Banging Pictures, Images and Photos
so ive been really frustrated at work lately and part of it is my fault. a few weeks ago i worked tons of overtime...ended up clocking 125 hrs in 2 wks - blah well im itching for my vacation that i requested off at the end of this month and it is STILL not approved!!!! that same week that i requested off is the first week that i will/would start my new shift which is going to be Thur/Fri/Sat 11a-1130p. well my manger was like well you could just trade w/ Ellie who works the 1st 3 days of the week (my vaca starts on the 29th) and she could work mine and i was thinking about it that would mean i would work 5 days of 8hr shift and then 3 days of 12hr shift w/ no days off in bw -- i was like i can't do that i would hurt someone - i have the vacation time and if it gets approved then i would have 11 days in a row off thats what i need!!

blah the reason why i may not get it off is b/c we are running on such short staffing and we have been for over a month now -- that would be why i had all that OT -- and then i found out just today that they just now got the budget approved to hire new people -- im like what the F#@K - you just now got approved --- which means they have to interview, hire, and then train (which takes like 2wks) b/f we are going to be fully staffed --- ahhh so frustrating!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So here I am.....

So i am going to try out this blog thing... i have a few friends on here and i love reading what goes on in there i thought i would give it a whirl....

I have tried the facebook thing but didn't like it b/c all it was was applications and stuff .... i wouldn't check it for 2 days and have like 20 little garden friends to add to my greenie thing and you can't accept them all at once you have to do it one at a annoying!! So if you were my friend i did not de-friend just you but everyone.

I do have a myspace page ( No matter what i just can not live w/o or change from it (i will admit it) -- i actually use it to communicate w/ friends w/ its kinda the 21st century of answering machines, everyone's got one, -- you can just leave a short msg to say "hi", and then wait for them to call back.

ANYWAYS.. I will try this out for now...I will probably post alot at first and then it will probably slow down.

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