Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So here I am.....

So i am going to try out this blog thing... i have a few friends on here and i love reading what goes on in there head...so i thought i would give it a whirl....

I have tried the facebook thing but didn't like it b/c all it was was applications and stuff .... i wouldn't check it for 2 days and have like 20 little garden friends to add to my greenie thing and you can't accept them all at once you have to do it one at a time...so annoying!! So if you were my friend i did not de-friend just you but everyone.

I do have a myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/madcoop37). No matter what i just can not live w/o or change from it (i will admit it) -- i actually use it to communicate w/ friends w/ its kinda the 21st century of answering machines, everyone's got one, -- you can just leave a short msg to say "hi", and then wait for them to call back.

ANYWAYS.. I will try this out for now...I will probably post alot at first and then it will probably slow down.


girlstar313 said...

yay! im excited!!! :)

love the way your blog looks :)

<3 lindy.c.

Andrew and Jaimie said...

WELCOME TO BLOG WORLD! I'm so glad that you have decided to join us in this utopia of ours! ;o) I love to read my friends' blogs and can't wait to read future posts from you! You have also been placed on my blog as a link (or will be as soon as i'm done writing this!)


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