Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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so ive been really frustrated at work lately and part of it is my fault. a few weeks ago i worked tons of overtime...ended up clocking 125 hrs in 2 wks - blah well im itching for my vacation that i requested off at the end of this month and it is STILL not approved!!!! that same week that i requested off is the first week that i will/would start my new shift which is going to be Thur/Fri/Sat 11a-1130p. well my manger was like well you could just trade w/ Ellie who works the 1st 3 days of the week (my vaca starts on the 29th) and she could work mine and i was thinking about it that would mean i would work 5 days of 8hr shift and then 3 days of 12hr shift w/ no days off in bw -- i was like i can't do that i would hurt someone - i have the vacation time and if it gets approved then i would have 11 days in a row off thats what i need!!

blah the reason why i may not get it off is b/c we are running on such short staffing and we have been for over a month now -- that would be why i had all that OT -- and then i found out just today that they just now got the budget approved to hire new people -- im like what the F#@K - you just now got approved --- which means they have to interview, hire, and then train (which takes like 2wks) b/f we are going to be fully staffed --- ahhh so frustrating!!


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