Friday, October 17, 2008


what is wrong w/ me lately?? i come home from work and stay up until 2am. i set my alarm for 10am which is about 8hrs of sleep and i can't wake up!!! i have not woken up b/f 1230pm this whole week -- and the only day that i woke up that early was today and that was b/c i had to get dog food b/f i went to work -- my normal time to wake has been 130pm.. just enough time to get up, eat breakfast, and get ready to go to work at 3pm. then on my days off i took naps --- wtf! is it the weather maybe??? im not depressed....i cant figure it out -- all i know is that my alarm goes off and i think to myself "eh i dont really have anything i need to do.... " snooze. i really need to be getting up maybe doin a load of laundry or two... oh well hopefully ill snap out of it soon i think that working overnights for 9 months and all that OT i did just threw my whole sleep off completely!


Andrew and Jaimie said...

Yes...going from an overnight schedule to a 'regular' one is probably what's wrong...but you are right, if you don't have anything you NEED to do...then why not catch a few Z's? Man...this post has made me mega-tired!

girlstar313 said...

i think its okay to love sleep :) <3333


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