Sunday, October 19, 2008

procrastination is my profession

So i can't decide what to blog about but i feel like writing something ... i think b/c im just putting off the inevitable which is getting off my lazy butt and doing something productive. lets see so far today i've woken up at 3pm ate a piece of left over pizza and played around on my myspace read all my emails and now this.... what i should be doing is laundry b/c im out of socks ....dishes b/c im out of spoons and cleaning the bathroom b/c it looks like my makeup drawer threw up all over the counter. blah!

so for good news i did get my vacation time covered which im thrilled about however now ive got plans almost everyday --which is a little bit frustrating b/c its suppose to be relaxing time but oh well it will all work out.

the other night i did end up staying overnight at work b/c someone called in and im actually really glad that i did for two reasons ... the first being i talked by boss into finding someone to work for me on saturday (yesterday) so i would have that day off -- and second b/c i got to see an open tib/fib fracture --which i had never actually seen up close and personal b/f.

there was a hit and run motorcycle accident right by the hospital and the guy broke his leg rt above the ankle. the bone was protruding from the skin so much i could see it all....the shaft of the bone, the spongy bone inside and then there was a tendon that was exposed and of course blood... it was so bad the dr and nurse were not able to feel a pules in the foot by touch they had to get ultrasound doplar thing to listen for it -- he will be okay but did have to have surgery. the police at the time did not have any real leads but did have two witnesses . this is one of the reasons i love my job its so cool and you learn things all the time!

well i guess its time for me to try and get something done....


Andrew and Jaimie said...

Wow...I felt like throwing up my manicotti lunch after reading about blood and tendons! For that reason right there, I would never be able to work in a hospital!! Enjoy your vacation--do lots of fun stuff, and then BLOG about it!!!


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