Thursday, October 30, 2008

cleaning with reese

well right now im killing time while my ipod died on me in the middle of my bathroom clean and i just don't like cleaning w/o it .... i love my little shuffler i just clip it on and go....puts me in my own little world as i dance around cleaning the house.

does anybody else out there hate cleaning the bathroom as much as i do....i hate it....the smells of the cleaners... which are toxic...and the scrubbing my arm gets tired especially when i have to do all the shower walls...there is always hair everywhere (well if your a girl there is). its just gross!!

so i have 3 dogs and all hardwood floor and my problem has always been that they track dusty dirt into the know like dirt crumbs... i think i may have figured out a solution...i have 2 steps going into my house from the back and i put one of those door mats that has the green plastic grass on it that sticks up. when the dogs step on it the plastic grass rubs the dirt off their feet..... its kinda like them wiping there paws b/f they come in the house -- i know ive noticed a difference in the dusty dirt in my house thats for sure!

today i have cleaned almost my whole house ... you see i have family coming to visit tomorrow and i wait until the last minute possible to get everything clean....and why is it that you wait until guest are coming to clean the weird things the mini blinds or the baseboards like they are really going to notice....

i am obsessed w/ making sure my house smells good... i think its the fact that i have those 3 dogs and i would hate for people to walk in and have dogs don't you....i can smell them.... i will spend money on stuff especially if i like the smell -- old navy has these oil things w/ the wood sticks out of them i can't think of the proper name but anyways they smell so freaking good!!

so i got this new vacuum about a month or so ago and i just love it -- i can't think of what it is but i wanna say its a hoover -- bought it at walmart for like 80 bucks -- i did my research and its got a filter you never have to change you just clean it which i love bc my last one i could never find the f'in filters for!! and its for pets too it has this awesome attachment that picks up the pet fur. i use it on their bed and it works great!!

well i think im going to go back to cleaning i still have a bit to do b/f i can go to sleep.


Andrew and Jaimie said...

Three Things:
1. You can come and clean our bathrooms anytime you want.
2. I think the oil things with the sticks are called diffusers; and
3. You can come and clean our bathrooms anytime you want. heh heh heh!


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