Monday, November 3, 2008

the busiest weekend ....

so my cousin from cleveland came down last thur morning and as much as i love love LOVE having him here.... i am tired.... i did more these last few days then i have in a super duper long time.

thursday - dave came in we went to the barry switzer center and the ou field -- did a bit of shopping -- then we went and watched a movie at my friends new home.

friday - went a played a round of put put and then went to eat on campus at victorias and then to the deli for some music, drinking and fun.

saturday - football, football, football --- we stayed around the house most of the day then headed up to campus for the ou game --- which was a blast our seats were awesome!!! all the action happened in the 1st qtr and it was all right in front of us!!

sunday - my parents came down to visit and eat and then we went to the thunder game - which i had a lot more fun at then i thought i would -- the game was really close especially at the end and then we WON! are seats were super high up but it was still really cool -- then we came home to play some wii.

monday - had to get up early to take dave to the airport and brad and i were truly sad to see him leave -- i do hope hope had just as much fun as we did.

** it took me f'in forever to get these pics in here and in the right places - surly there is an easier way **


Andrew and Jaimie said...

FINALLY SOME PICTURES!!!!!!! so...which one of those men is Dave and which is Brad???

the sweetest girl you know said...

I'm so jealous of your fun filled weekend! I've heard the Thunder games are fun, but I don't know how to get tickets. And I don't think Clint would want to go anyway =(


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