Tuesday, November 18, 2008


my friend Jaimie did a blog of 100 things about her .... im going to see if i can come up with 50 about me...its a little harder then you think....so here it goes.

50. i love dogs they are my therapy through life.
49. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...you get all the great food w/o having to worry about gifts.
48. im an only child and only my mom, dad and i live in Oklahoma out of our whole family.
47. sleeping has unfortunately become a hobby of mine.
46. my friends are my family w/o them i would not survive
45. i think the human body is amazing...and im talking about the insides....just think you have 20ft of small intestine all curled up inside of you not to mention everything else....thats amazing!
44. i have a weird morbid attraction to death .... i like the death, murder, kill shows on tv such as the first 48hrs, dr. g medical examiner, snapped. but i also get excited when we have something come into the ER on the same note, gun shots to the head, full arrest, hanging...yes i have seen all 3 of these and more.
43. im one of those crazy people who's dogs are there children, they have jackets and sleep w/ me we go to the dog park and pets mart.
42. i am a comma whore, i put them where they don't belong, i put them where they do belong, sometimes i just put them,
41. i wish that i could cook....im not very good and i don't enjoy it.
40. i love getting lost in a book and forgetting about the world around me.
39. im currently addicted to watching HGTV
38. i have changed my major 4 times in the last 10 yrs and still have yet to get a degree ... architecture to ultrasound to radiology to nursing.
37. i really don't mind laundry as long as i have the time to do it.
36. im obsessed w making sure my house smells good.
35. i watch mindless shows such as, the hills, tori and dean, girls next door.
34. i weigh the most ive ever weighed in my life which you would think would scare me into the gym....but it hasn't yet.
33. i am a non-practicing catholic.
32. i love being home alone.
31. im pretty sure i don't think i want children.
30. happiness is more important to me then money.
29. i am the worst speller in the world.
28. i believe in ghost and do believe i have experienced my grandmother bradford around me in times of need.
27. clutter gives me anxiety.
26. i wish i was better at saving money.
25. i am very artistic.
24. i am a dork and im not afraid to show it.
23. i am musically retarded.
22. i can be VERY selfish at times but i try to hide it.
21. my rule of thumb is - if i haven't used it in a year or worn it during that season i toss it.
20. i love my job.
19. i can be nosy at times.
18. when im stressed i will clean.
17. i love jammin out to my ipod.
16. i tend to be a control freak at times.
15. i'm in a serious relationship going on 3yrs now.
14. i don't believe you have to be married to be committed to each other.
13. i love shoe shopping -- what girl doesn't.
12. i believe a woman does not have to be in a relationship to be successful in life.
11. i talk to myself - and noticed that im starting to do it in public when im alone - scary!
10. i love converse in the winter and flip flops in the summer!
09. i don't like to be spoken to or bothered when i first wake up in the morning.
08. my bedroom has to be cold for me to sleep good - even though im covered in blankets.
09. my love (bradley) is also my best friend.
08. i am very picky when i go shopping.
07. im addicted to diet coke.
06. i eat things w/ a fork that normal people eat w/ their fingers - ribs, fried chicken, sometimes pizza - b/c i don't like to get my hands dirty.
05. i feel lost if i haven't watched the news in a few days.
04. i think smoking is disgusting.
03. pink and gray are my favorite colors
02. im a label whore and i wish i wasn't - i blame it on my parents and the 12yrs of private schooling.
01. i found this much harder then i thought it would be - you try it!


the sweetest girl you know said...

You gave me something to blog about next time. Thanks! And since you and I are so much alike, I will be "stealing" a few of yours!

Andrew and Jaimie said...

So this was more like a list of 52 since there were two 8's and two 9's. I'm just sayin...heh heh
You and I were destined to be friends...we are so much alike it's scary. I'm not sure that I want kids either! ha ha ha j/k
But in all seriousness...this is a great list...and you were the person that turned me onto flip flops when I was so ANTI! It was the black Old Navy flip flops...circa 1999! ha ha ha! **HUGS**

Carly Jane said...

Ok that was hard so I'm going to try it as well. Good job on yours.

Jaimie said...

Post Script: Your picture at the top...is it supposed to look like a maxi pad with "About Me" on it, decorated in buttons? heh heh

the sweetest girl you know said...

And you are a terrible speller! But I love you anyway =)


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