Friday, November 14, 2008

answer me this.....

why is it that homeland cost SO much more than walmart?? this morning i had to go get dog food b/f work so i just ran across the street to homeland and everything is so much more expensive than what i would have paid if i just went to walmart....first of all the dog food i buy iams it usually runs me 18.oo i had a coupon for a new protein iams kind so at walmart it would have only cost me about 15.oo ....HOWEVER homeland did not carry the kind that the coupon was for and it was 22.00 and change and that was b/c i saved 0.69 w/ my homeland card!! so right there im in the hole --- then i decide to wonder to frozens and get some eggo waffels just the small box its like a 1.00 more at homeland not too too bad but still ..... i was going to pick up a tv dinner for work (which may i suggest Marie calenders turkey and stuffing SO good) well at walmart they are like 2.50 at homeland 4.50 - holy crap -- lets do the math

walmart vs. homeland
dog food 18.00 vs. 22.00
Eggo's 1.50 vs. 2.50
Marie calender 2.50 vs. 4.50
total 23.00 vs. 29.00

and i could have used the coupon at walmart b/c i got that food from there b/f so thats another 3.00 savings --- thats like 10bucks!!

and the sad thing is that if homeland had the same prices or even closer to walmart then i would shop there ALL the time i hate going to walmart i much rather go to homeland they actually take your groceries to your car for you!!!


Andrew and Jaimie said...

What Homeland has that Wal-Mart doesn't have is convenience (being a short trip from the home, not as many customers) and customer service (taking bags to car--wow, I forgot that this used to happen on a regular basis!). Wal-Mart has the low prices (Always!), but there are always SO many people there and there is usually only one register open out of a hundred, so the lines are terrible. Wal-Marts are also generally farther from the home than a mom and pop store. I have found Wal-Mart neighborhood market to be a good alternative to both! This is a long comment, I know.

Carly Jane said...

Im with Jaimie on the Wal-Mart neighborhood Market its so much faster. I live between Homeland and a Wal-Mart Market so for lower prices Wal-Mart Market wins my money. If im already on May and dont want to go to Penn then Homeland does but its for Milk and thats about it.


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