Saturday, November 22, 2008

people - gah!

So as most of you who read this know i work in the emergency room in registration and everyone bitches!!! first of all let me give you a bit of background - our ER is known for is low wait time and treatment - on top of that we have 9 rooms that are only for minor emergencies such as, tooth aches, back pain, small lacerations - things that may require an x-ray but no IVs - well i had a pt come through discharge today and i told him that his copay for the ER was 50.00 and his response was "50.00 oh and im probably going to get a bill too huh...i wasn't even here but 30 min" like he doesn't think he got his monies worth - he came from the fast track area which means tech it probably wasn't an EMERGENCY and he could have saved some money and just gone to a am/pm clinic - but oh well --- the funny thing is that if he was there for 3 hrs he would have bitched about that - you just can't win w/ the world. i would rather be done in 30min then to hang out there -- duh.

~ please stay tuned for a blog about ER etiquette when i have more time!


Jaimie and Andy said...

I understand your frustration...I do...but I also understand this patient's frustration. Of course...if you were the person that ever checked me in at the Emergency room...we might actually have fun, while I was writhing in pain! ;oP


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