Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Rambling

So here i am sitting at the front desk at the ER wondering if this day will ever end..i never minded working the holidays b/c of the fact that my parents and i are the only family here, so we do our holidays on different days - i just feel bad for those who do have to work and have to miss the time w/ their families.

However out of all the holidays - including my - thanksgiving is my favorite!! i love the food - stuffing, green bean casserole, yummy - and the weather!! Christmas is my least favorite!! now maybe its b/c i don't have children and that im too old get excited about santa clause. But i think alot of it has to do w/ that the holiday itself has been taken away and turned into a big marketing mess -- everything this time of year is about christmas - they put out the stuff at the stores at halloween time and the rest is history - thanksgiving has almost become the forgotten holiday....

Well so far things have been pretty quite around here today (knock on wood) .... so i think im going to read my book while i have the chance -- i am trying to read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown -- im only 50pgs into it and i hear its REALLY good -- so i will let you know.

Happy Turkey Day To All!!!
~ and good luck to those that brave the black friday crowds!


Carly Jane said...

Happy Thankgsgivn'!!!! I have to agree with you about Christmas. Its taken over everything. I do have Hayden so its becoming a bit more exciting now then it was since he is starting to understand Santa and all. He got to open a gift on Thanksgiving night a new tradition Scott and I are starting. It was a movie but something for him to open welcome the Christmas Holiday and for him to watch while we rest! You should have seen his face he was so excited. But as far as the whole Holiday of Chirstmas it should be left alone and back to what it is meant to be. Not this mass media discount everything holiday. Hope you have a good Christmas!

Jaimie and Andy said...

For the past couple of years, Christmas has only been a burden on me. I have to do all of the shopping for my family and Andy's family. By myself...and I never think that I do enough and buy more and more and more...and then I'm heavily in debt, still trying to catch up the next Christmas. So this year, we are striving for Quality, not Quantity...and I'm going to stick to my guns - really I am.
See...even your Thanksgiving post was blinded by thoughts of Christmas!!!


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