Friday, August 14, 2009

My Random Collection

I like to frequent a few cartoon sites and I save the ones I can either REALLY relate to...or just think are funny. So here are the ones I have not posted w/ previous blogs..ENJOY!

below is actually a bumper sticker I found ...

These are just a few it turns out I have more then I realized so stay tuned for more.... HA!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yearbook Yourself

This is too much fun...everyone should try it!!!

In ’54, the Ivy League school look was a smart choice.

In ’76, the wider the collar the better. Today, the skinnier the jeans the better.

If you were cool in 1990, you only used one strap on your backpack.

Band 1954

homecoming queen 1980

Cheer 1984

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've reached my breaking point...

Well there comes a point during every season where I've decided I'm done -- ready to move on to the next. Well this week I have reached my breaking point with the summer of '09. We have been in the high 90's/100's with high humidity and it SUUUCCCKKS!! I don't want to leave my house or even step into the garage to do laundry b/c I break a sweat. I was doing dishes and just picking up the house and I started to seriously sweat and its disgusting!! We even have a pool in the backyard and I don't even feel like going into that...blah I'm ready for about you?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alex Kava

A Necessary Evil
An Introduction

Detective Tommy Pakula is handed the case of his career when a Catholic monsignor is found knifed to death in an airport restroom. When Pakula learns that other priests have been murdered in other cities in the same ritualistic manner, FBI Special Agent Maggie O’Dell is called in to profile the case.

As Pakula and Maggie drill down into the facts they discover a disturbing Internet role-playing game for youths who have been victims of abuse by Catholic priests. With the first real lead in the investigation, they wonder if this group has turned cyberspace justice into reality by dispensing their own brand of vengeance. As the ritualistic killings leave America’s heartland reeling, Maggie gets a second lead--one that leaves her stunned.

For the past four years she has been driven by blind determin
ation to find Father Michael Keller, the human monster whose acts of brutality continue to hnt her to this day. Sick and twisted, the priest seems to have vanished without a trace. But with an irony that only life can offer, now he has become a target.

When Keller offers to help Maggie solve the crimes in exchange for protection, she has no choice but to ally herself with the elusive child killer-- the person she despises with a conviction that’s almost religious in its fervor. Maggie must cross a dangerous line into a world of malevolence and evil from which she may not return unscathed.

Maggie knows the bargain is a necessary evil…one th
at may be made in blood...

An Introduction


Agent Maggie O’Dell and Assistant Director Cunningham believe they’re responding to a threat made at Quantico. Instead they walk into a trap. Before they realize it, they’ve both been exposed to a killer who can strike at anyone, at anytime, and no one can predict who might be next...until it’s too late.

Maggie knows dangerous minds -- from hauntingly perverse child predatirs to cunningly twisted serial killers. Now she faces a new opponent from inside an isolation ward at a biosafety containment hospital. Maggie must help Agent R.J. Tully find clues to catch the killer -- while waiting to see if the deadly strain is already multiplying in her body. With every new exposure there’s the potential for an epidemic. And Maggie knows she and Cunningham may not live long enough to discover who is the deadliest, most intelligent killer they’ve ever profiled.

Thanks to Lindy who just picked A Necessary Evil randomly off the bookshelf I have now found a new author that I love. Alex Kava has a few books staring FBI agent Maggie O'Dell and her crew -- I love this author!! I have read 2 books so far and haven't been disappointed one bit...She does a great job at tying all the pieces together at the end.

I give these books a 5 out of 5 bookmarks!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Has anyone else seen the material girl lately -- I was looking at and stumbled across these pictures....for someone who is suppose to be a sex star is looking kinda nasty in her old age. By looking at her arms it appears to me that trying a little too hard at the gym.....what do you think??

Here's another one that tries to maintain the sex image well into her 60's ...She doesn't seem to frighten me as much...


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