Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Rambling

So here i am sitting at the front desk at the ER wondering if this day will ever end..i never minded working the holidays b/c of the fact that my parents and i are the only family here, so we do our holidays on different days - i just feel bad for those who do have to work and have to miss the time w/ their families.

However out of all the holidays - including my - thanksgiving is my favorite!! i love the food - stuffing, green bean casserole, yummy - and the weather!! Christmas is my least favorite!! now maybe its b/c i don't have children and that im too old get excited about santa clause. But i think alot of it has to do w/ that the holiday itself has been taken away and turned into a big marketing mess -- everything this time of year is about christmas - they put out the stuff at the stores at halloween time and the rest is history - thanksgiving has almost become the forgotten holiday....

Well so far things have been pretty quite around here today (knock on wood) .... so i think im going to read my book while i have the chance -- i am trying to read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown -- im only 50pgs into it and i hear its REALLY good -- so i will let you know.

Happy Turkey Day To All!!!
~ and good luck to those that brave the black friday crowds!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

people - gah!

So as most of you who read this know i work in the emergency room in registration and everyone bitches!!! first of all let me give you a bit of background - our ER is known for is low wait time and treatment - on top of that we have 9 rooms that are only for minor emergencies such as, tooth aches, back pain, small lacerations - things that may require an x-ray but no IVs - well i had a pt come through discharge today and i told him that his copay for the ER was 50.00 and his response was "50.00 oh and im probably going to get a bill too huh...i wasn't even here but 30 min" like he doesn't think he got his monies worth - he came from the fast track area which means tech it probably wasn't an EMERGENCY and he could have saved some money and just gone to a am/pm clinic - but oh well --- the funny thing is that if he was there for 3 hrs he would have bitched about that - you just can't win w/ the world. i would rather be done in 30min then to hang out there -- duh.

~ please stay tuned for a blog about ER etiquette when i have more time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008!

my friend Jaimie did a blog of 100 things about her .... im going to see if i can come up with 50 about me...its a little harder then you here it goes.

50. i love dogs they are my therapy through life.
49. thanksgiving is my favorite get all the great food w/o having to worry about gifts.
48. im an only child and only my mom, dad and i live in Oklahoma out of our whole family.
47. sleeping has unfortunately become a hobby of mine.
46. my friends are my family w/o them i would not survive
45. i think the human body is amazing...and im talking about the insides....just think you have 20ft of small intestine all curled up inside of you not to mention everything else....thats amazing!
44. i have a weird morbid attraction to death .... i like the death, murder, kill shows on tv such as the first 48hrs, dr. g medical examiner, snapped. but i also get excited when we have something come into the ER on the same note, gun shots to the head, full arrest, hanging...yes i have seen all 3 of these and more.
43. im one of those crazy people who's dogs are there children, they have jackets and sleep w/ me we go to the dog park and pets mart.
42. i am a comma whore, i put them where they don't belong, i put them where they do belong, sometimes i just put them,
41. i wish that i could not very good and i don't enjoy it.
40. i love getting lost in a book and forgetting about the world around me.
39. im currently addicted to watching HGTV
38. i have changed my major 4 times in the last 10 yrs and still have yet to get a degree ... architecture to ultrasound to radiology to nursing.
37. i really don't mind laundry as long as i have the time to do it.
36. im obsessed w making sure my house smells good.
35. i watch mindless shows such as, the hills, tori and dean, girls next door.
34. i weigh the most ive ever weighed in my life which you would think would scare me into the gym....but it hasn't yet.
33. i am a non-practicing catholic.
32. i love being home alone.
31. im pretty sure i don't think i want children.
30. happiness is more important to me then money.
29. i am the worst speller in the world.
28. i believe in ghost and do believe i have experienced my grandmother bradford around me in times of need.
27. clutter gives me anxiety.
26. i wish i was better at saving money.
25. i am very artistic.
24. i am a dork and im not afraid to show it.
23. i am musically retarded.
22. i can be VERY selfish at times but i try to hide it.
21. my rule of thumb is - if i haven't used it in a year or worn it during that season i toss it.
20. i love my job.
19. i can be nosy at times.
18. when im stressed i will clean.
17. i love jammin out to my ipod.
16. i tend to be a control freak at times.
15. i'm in a serious relationship going on 3yrs now.
14. i don't believe you have to be married to be committed to each other.
13. i love shoe shopping -- what girl doesn't.
12. i believe a woman does not have to be in a relationship to be successful in life.
11. i talk to myself - and noticed that im starting to do it in public when im alone - scary!
10. i love converse in the winter and flip flops in the summer!
09. i don't like to be spoken to or bothered when i first wake up in the morning.
08. my bedroom has to be cold for me to sleep good - even though im covered in blankets.
09. my love (bradley) is also my best friend.
08. i am very picky when i go shopping.
07. im addicted to diet coke.
06. i eat things w/ a fork that normal people eat w/ their fingers - ribs, fried chicken, sometimes pizza - b/c i don't like to get my hands dirty.
05. i feel lost if i haven't watched the news in a few days.
04. i think smoking is disgusting.
03. pink and gray are my favorite colors
02. im a label whore and i wish i wasn't - i blame it on my parents and the 12yrs of private schooling.
01. i found this much harder then i thought it would be - you try it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re: response to last blog

We don't have neighborhood markets in Norman :(

we have 2 walmarts which the one i go to is not "far" away but its not across the street like homeland -- we have 4 homelands and a super target and maybe an iga.

just thought i'd share :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

answer me this.....

why is it that homeland cost SO much more than walmart?? this morning i had to go get dog food b/f work so i just ran across the street to homeland and everything is so much more expensive than what i would have paid if i just went to walmart....first of all the dog food i buy iams it usually runs me 18.oo i had a coupon for a new protein iams kind so at walmart it would have only cost me about 15.oo ....HOWEVER homeland did not carry the kind that the coupon was for and it was 22.00 and change and that was b/c i saved 0.69 w/ my homeland card!! so right there im in the hole --- then i decide to wonder to frozens and get some eggo waffels just the small box its like a 1.00 more at homeland not too too bad but still ..... i was going to pick up a tv dinner for work (which may i suggest Marie calenders turkey and stuffing SO good) well at walmart they are like 2.50 at homeland 4.50 - holy crap -- lets do the math

walmart vs. homeland
dog food 18.00 vs. 22.00
Eggo's 1.50 vs. 2.50
Marie calender 2.50 vs. 4.50
total 23.00 vs. 29.00

and i could have used the coupon at walmart b/c i got that food from there b/f so thats another 3.00 savings --- thats like 10bucks!!

and the sad thing is that if homeland had the same prices or even closer to walmart then i would shop there ALL the time i hate going to walmart i much rather go to homeland they actually take your groceries to your car for you!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i hate being a girl..... and this is one of those weeks if your a girl you know what im talking about -- the past 3 days ive woken up on the wrong side of the bed only to be annoyed through out my day. i wanna cry but i can't which is more frustrating than anything at all. nothing i do or eat or drink makes me content or happy. i have no real reason to be cranky but i am, i want to be in a good mood and i try really hard to be but it just makes me tired ...blah oh well it will always does.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today i voted in my very first presidential election!! When i walked in and got my ballot i was quite nervous, only because there was alot more to it then i had expected. Even though my state is a red state and i voted blue -- i am happy that obama is our next president of the united states and i hope that he does fulfill the change that he promises to bring.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the busiest weekend ....

so my cousin from cleveland came down last thur morning and as much as i love love LOVE having him here.... i am tired.... i did more these last few days then i have in a super duper long time.

thursday - dave came in we went to the barry switzer center and the ou field -- did a bit of shopping -- then we went and watched a movie at my friends new home.

friday - went a played a round of put put and then went to eat on campus at victorias and then to the deli for some music, drinking and fun.

saturday - football, football, football --- we stayed around the house most of the day then headed up to campus for the ou game --- which was a blast our seats were awesome!!! all the action happened in the 1st qtr and it was all right in front of us!!

sunday - my parents came down to visit and eat and then we went to the thunder game - which i had a lot more fun at then i thought i would -- the game was really close especially at the end and then we WON! are seats were super high up but it was still really cool -- then we came home to play some wii.

monday - had to get up early to take dave to the airport and brad and i were truly sad to see him leave -- i do hope hope had just as much fun as we did.

** it took me f'in forever to get these pics in here and in the right places - surly there is an easier way **

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