Saturday, October 25, 2008


i have had the misfortune of living with the fact that i am someone who occasionally suffers from migraines. when i was younger i remember having one and i would put a rag on my head and go to bed and wake up and it would be gone. however as ive gotten older things have changed a little.... i now have the hardest time falling asleep w/ one and i awake very easily once i am asleep...for awhile it would cause me to get sick to my stomach and once that was over my headache was gone and now they hang around for more then one day! i think this is the worse...i got this headache last night at work came home went right to bed woke up 3 to 4 times and then when i decided to get up i still have it!!! ahhhhh.... and now i have to go to work w/ it which is just the worst i just wanna lay one the couch and cry..blah -- hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.



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