Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sweat Shop

So the doxie dash as you all know is this Sat and we decided to make t-shirts to wear. Well this started out as a fun and exciting thing for me and my girls to get together and do....Boy was I wrong!!! So last week Monday we all went to hobby lobby picked out our shirts - got some cool stencils and some paint and headed home to get started. We got home turned up the music to hits of the 90's and began.

We painted the word team on two shirts and peeled off the stencils to admire our fine work only to see that it looked like crap. The paint had bled under the stencil . So the next day Lindy came over and back to hobby lobby we went -- and we went for iron on's -- which worked out SO much better -- we also got a cute paw print stamp -- so back home we went to work for hours -- this was a bit more complex and time consuming then I thought it would be. We got the lettering and paw print done on the girls shirts the first day and then yesterday Lindy cam over again and we got all the lettering done and I got the front of 2 1/2 shirts done. We decided to just paint a doxie on the front -- the most time consuming thing is the paint b/c we have to do like 4 layers to get it to look right!! Anyways I've now learned my lesson and if little bean butt makes it in again next year I think I'm just going to pay to have shirts made :0)

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure

our work station aka dining room

the front

the back
you can't tell in the picture but the girls are all glittery

love to stay and talk more but back to the sweat shop I go.....


the sweetest girl you know said...

They look SO CUTE!! You guys did a great job! Sorry I wasn't much help. Next year, totally buying shirts!

Ruggy13 said...

how cute are these! I love them!!

Lopez said...

Your shirts look fantastic!!!

You sure are proud of your little doggie...you are a great mom!


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