Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Day Date

So I am a bit late on this post ....but better late then never... The Tuesday after Valentine's was Brad & I's  date day and it was a great day!!

(btw I decided to add lots of visuals for your enjoyment)

First off we grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell...because I am addicted to their new 5 layer burrito..

If you haven't tried one yet then I suggest you stop what you are doing RIGHT now and go get won't be disappointed!!

Then we headed to the movies to catch an afternoon showing of Avatar...
Now when this movie first came out I was not that interested in viewing it...I don't care for make.believe things like giant blue people...but everyone kept raving and raving on how good it was and that the story reminded them of Dances with Wolves and that I just had to see it in 3-D. So here we are looking like big o'l dweebs in our 3-D fashion ware..

I really enjoyed the movie more then I expected and suggest everyone now stops what they are doing RIGHT now and go see it.....quick b/f its out of the big movie theater....and run by taco bell on your way....

After seeing the movie I can see how people can relate it to Dances with Wolves ....however I personally thought it reminded me more of Fern-gully on steroids....whats your thoughts??? Gully or Wolves??

After the movies we headed to my favorite place to eat for special days...Red Lobster!!! I love the Red Lobster...those cheese biscuits yum!!! Where Brad let me get lobster..I've never had it b/f and I know Red Lobster isn't prolly the best place to try but when your nowhere near the ocean you take what you can get. I loved loved LOVED it!!! Tasted like steak!!!  This is what I feasted on!! 

and I ate the whole thing!! So good ...YUM!! I think Brad had this....I was too busy stuffing my own face to pay a whole lot of attention to anything else...

After gorging ourselves on lobster, shrimp, pasta and many...many cheese biscuits we rolled ourselves home to the couch and relaxed with a bit of was a fabulous day and I hope to do it again soon!!!



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