Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funk vs. Procrastination

I'm in a funk...at first I blamed the snowy, cold...no sun for days weather....now that the sun is coming around and that the weather is actually warming up..well a bit...I've realized I'm in a funk...I was doing really good and then I got a head cold this last week and downhill I went... Now I am feeling better but still have no desire to do the necessary things in life...like laundry...I know once I get it done I will feel better and accomplished but right now I just want to nap and watch tv and redo my blog and read and do everything else BUT laundry and pick up the house....blah...maybe its not a funk...maybe its just my procrastination that is kicking in.....


Adorably Distracted... said...

THanks for the comment!! the secret life comes on the abc family channel..I usually catch it on Hulu during the week at some point though!

Love that cartoon! I'm definitely in a funk! I need some sunlight in my life!


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