Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doxie Dash 2010

As you may know we are slightly obsessed w/ our little doxie Charlie Bean. Last year we were lucky enough to be chosen to have him race in the '09 Doxie Dash that is put on by the Oklahoma Gazette. This year we are sad to say that we are not going to be entering Charlie Bean into the dash...It turns out that they have moved from May to April 18th and Brad's 30th birthday the the following weekend and I may be attending a wedding the weekend b/f that on the 10th and its just way too much...So on that note we will be back 2011!! Watch out for the BEAN!

I just found this picture of Charlie on the Dachshund Dash website -- one of only 16 that were posted from last years race... so proud!!



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