Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Live the Beast...Hello Zippy!!

So I'm behind on blogging about the loss of the longest relationship in my adult life...The Selling of the BEAST

The Beast was a 1995 chevy Tahoe - 2 door 4x4.....she was awesome especially when I first got her back in the summer of 2000. I was currently living in Stillwater, OK when I begged my parents to let me trade in my '94 Nissan Sentra  for the beast w/ 64k -- Having it in Stillwater was a lot of fun.....driving around on all the dirt roads and the mud puddles!!! The beast went all the way to Jacksonville, FL  (only to have the air conditioner compressor thing go out somewhere in the SW part of Oklahoma on the way home)  and all along the gulf coast .... down to Austin, TX and Dallas a little more then a handful of times.... The beast was with me for a few months shy of 10 years. I ended up selling her to a guy Brad knew through work -- She had 213k!!! Yep two -hundred and thirteen thousand miles on a chevy motor!!! 

I learned to live without when it came to the w/o air conditioning for the last 7 Oklahoma summers (wow - just did the math on that didn't realize I had gone that long) .... live w/o any form of music in my vehicle since about 4 years ago when my car was broken into at my apartment and they took my crappy old cd player w/ my disc 1 of Dave Matthews at Red Rocks (still kinda pissed about losing the CD) - I just never felt the need to spend the money on a new one.....I learned to live w/o being able to lock my doors the last year b/c the driver door hung funny and when I locked my doors especially when it was cold out I wouldn't be able to unlock them....It was time to let her go and get something more reliable.....I was actually surprised how emotional I got when they came and picked her up and took her away from my house never to be seen again...I cried...its pathetic I know.. 

Welcome...Zip, Zippy, Zipper

She is a 2008 chevy Aveo5 and I love her!!! My bestie Lindy Lou has a white one and I liked hers so much that I decided to go and get one...This is my very first car in my name alone!! Brad found it online (this is from the actual add...actual car!!) and I went yesterday (Monday) just to check it out on a whim. I ended up putting on my big girl panties and making the decision on my very own (no help from Brad or my mom) to make the deal!! It really felt awesome!! It has low miles, gets great gas mileage, it feels way bigger on the inside then it look on the has air conditioner and a stereo (which I'm going to upgrade to be able to play my iPhone)'s so economical!!! and its MY VERY OWN!! I chose the name Zippy b/c thats how I feel driving it come paired to the beast...even though the engine is half the power of the beast b/c of its size I feel that I'm just zipping around town...


On a side note I'm sad to report that someone bought the beast and ended up wrecking it this past Friday...rolling it 3 times.. the beast will never ride again :tear: however the driver left pretty much unharmed.


Lopez said...

Sad news about the Beast...but I love your new little car!!! That totally fits your personality, I bet you are so cute behind the wheel!!!


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