Monday, March 22, 2010

Can you say ANNOYING...I think you can!

Ok we all have them...the people that keep popping up b/c they are famous ...or should I say WAS famous..and they annoy the living poo out of you and you don't even know why...Sometimes its their their actions even just their looks and as soon as they appear on TV or in a story and you try your best to change the channel or put down the magazine as fast as you can.... What got me thinking to blog about this brings me to my first victim...

Kristi Alley

She's coming out with another show about how she failed in life as a skinny woman...yes you had an acting career and then you got fat and then you lost weight and tried to come back and appeared on Oprah in a bathing suit!!.. of all things we don't want to see you in...and then guess what you got fat again and now another stupid TV show...Like Fat Actress on Showtime wasn't bad enough...please just hang up your hat nobody cares that the only way you stayed skinny was from the coke you did..ya that sends a great message.

Kate Gosselin

Seriously!! Now she's on dancing with the stars are you kidding me!!!! Who's watching all your kids while you dance?? Now I don't watch dancing with the stars but I will admit that I caught a few episodes of John & Kate + 8 and if I were John I would have divorced you years fact I don't think I would have married you in the first place you control freak!! Her family unfortunately failed as a unit and now she is dragging her dirty laundry into the had a show on TLC you did not make movies or support a good cause of any sort..nobody cares about you anymore!! Please go live your life in private..Thank You!

Dogg the Bounty Hunter

I do not watch this show and I never have...I do however watch A&E alot therefore I see stupid commercials on the rare occasion that I watch live TV....I think this is the ugliest couple ever!!! Cut the mullet please! I can only imagine how annoying you are if I were actually watch your show...this one just hits my list for aesthetics..or the lack of I should say!

The Osmonds

I've actually stopped watching Entertainment Tonight b/c of these people...for some reason ET thinks I care what Donnie or Marie's thoughts are about EVERYTHING....again these are people that "yes you did have a career in Hollywood...BUT now you don't" The End ..Good Bye!

Are there any people in the limelight that you can't stand??? Maybe some on my list...maybe not..I would like to hear about the ones that annoy you!




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