Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sugar Shamrock Fiasco

So I decided to make sugar cookies for work on Saturday when I was at Hobby Lobby and picked up a Shamrock cookie cutter while gathering other items. After work I headed to wal.mart to pick up some flour b/c I knew I was low...first off its like midnight.thirty and I'm walking to my car and a guy approaches me asking me for money for gas in his car...freaks me out b/c I'm just a little girl...Anyways I got away unharmed...so I get home and get started right away on making my cookies and I realize I don't have enough powder sugar for my butter-cream icing...then I run out of vanilla extract also while making the cookies and is needed in the frosting....so as I am mixing the ingredients I am reading further along in my recipe I realize I am making the WRONG sugar cookie recipe!!! AHHHHHH.....I'm about ready to just give up at this point!!!

You see there are two recipes in my Betty Crocker cook book one is the No-Roll Sugar Cookie and one is just Sugar Cookie...I wanted the no roll b/c you don't have to refrigerate it for 2hrs prior to cutting & cooking...where the other you do...the one I accidently made at 1am and I don't want to wait TWO hours b/f making pretty shamrocks...So I finish mixing and stick it in the fridge and go to bed...

I wake up the next morning and get started on my cookies once again...I decided while laying in bed to just use the green sprinkles I bought w/o icing (I was going to run to the store in the morning for the missing ingredients for the frosting)

They are HUGE!!! and I always make them thicker then I prolly should...
In the oven...almost done...not a very good pic...but you get the point :O)
Finished Product!

So the recipe stated it makes 5 dozen 2inch cookies...I barely got 2 dozen out of it...which is an ok amount to take to work...wish I would have had more but what was I to do at this point...Brad was already at work when I had finished them and I was a bit nervous b/c he is my honorary  taste tester.. Luckily I ran into Kathy and she tried them b/f handing them out to the public...You see I don't like to eat my own cookies as much...not sure why...however the cookie dough, well thats a different story :O)



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