Friday, March 6, 2009


I could not get into this book - in fact I didn't even read it. I ordered it from amazon and when I told Brad about it he reminded me that I had tried to read it b/f and I didn't like it. You see when I ordered it this cover is different than the one I tried to read b/f so I didn't believe him. So I can't give much of a review - sorry people - I only got through chapter 1.

Snappy - if your interested you are welcome to have this book - you just have to meet me for dinner one night and I'll be more than happy to pass it along to you :)

This author did wright stiff which is about the different things that happen to your body after you die - now that book is REALLY good and interesting - I highly suggest it!


Lopez said...

Man, i saw that you updated with this book and was SO excited to see your review...but, alas...i have officially been blog-crushed! ;o)

I am happy to take this book off your hands...I'm actually off work the week of the 16 - 20--how about lunch, you available? (check the calender, email me!)


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