Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I was told yesterday that it was time for me to blog again and I am sorry that I haven't really posted in almost a week but I've been in a funk - no sure why. Anyways.....

So since I've been in a funk I've been watching TV - which I do way too much whether I'm funky or not .... but here are the shows I've been keeping an eye on.

So Brad and I LOVE this show we get so excited about it every season. However I found this season to be a bit disappointing. First of all its already over!! I think it ran for two months which is just crap. Second there was no crazy crazy drama I thought. Last season ended when Eve shot Julia and she had no memory of who she was. Well they barely even touched that story this season she just moved away -- WHATEVER. Then Christian marries Liz the lesbian b/c he thinks he only has 6 months to live and find out on the last show that hes not dying - so now what is he to do....ugggh just very disappointed this season.

Breaking Bad
Brad found this show last year and I like it! It's about this science teacher who is dying and starts cooking meth to make all this money for his family -- Now him and his partner are mixed in w/ some crazy drug dealers and oh by the way did I mention that his works for the DEA -- season just started this last Sunday on AMC at 9 if your interested.

Ghost Whisper
I love this show - I know it can be a bit cheesy at times but I don't care and this next week I think is going to be really good - Melinda finally told (crap I can't remember his name) that her husbands soul went into his body - and this next week I think Jim (her husband) comes back! I was so sad when he died last season - I think I actually cried - lame I know.

Greys and Private Practice
I don't remember what happened per say on the last episode b/c that was so 2 weeks ago but I remember that I can't wait to see the next one which hopefully is this week.


Last Night we watched My Best Friends Girlfriend with Jason Biggs and Dane Cook. I thought it was pretty cute and funny I would recommend it. Brad even liked it and he didn't even wanna watch it at first.

Goodfellas - so far this has been my favorite movie that we have rec'd from the flix - I had never seen it b/f and I loved it!! It made me wish I was a mobster :) if you haven't seen it I highly suggest it!!!

Burn After Reading - this was a cute movie - we went in w/ low expectations so I liked it a bit more then the average. I kinda remined me of Snatch (great movie) or Lock Stock and Two Barrels.

So there you have it my life has been SOOO...exciting latley - sorry if this was a boring blog - I will try harder next time.

~I forgot to mention How I Met Your Mother - this has got to be our favorite show!! Its so funny - thats all :)


the sweetest girl you know said...

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother. And we love the show right before that one... with the geeky guys... for the life of me I can't think of the name... Big Bang Theory! It's really cute!

I've never watched Breaking Bad, but it sounds a little like Weeds, but with meth instead of pot. What channel does it come on? Or did you get it through the 'flix?

I'm enjoying Californication right now. I like it!

Lopez said...

LOL - I think the only show(s) we have in common is Grey's and Private Practice. I have wanted to watch Ghost Whisperer, though and have been meaning to p/u previous seasons to watch over the summer...maybe this summer! I have to watch shows in order by episode.
Burn after reading...that's the Clooney/Pitt movie, right? wasn't it totally shocking about that scene in the closet w/ brad...or about the invention clooney made for his wife??
Andy and I went through a mobster movie stage...we watched them all, Goodfellas, Casino, Godfather's...even non-main stream movies like Reservoir Dogs. Pacino and DeNiro were such badasses in their days...when we saw Righteous Kill, we were so sad at how old they have gotten!!


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