Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Current Craze #2

Currently I have found a few new things that I love and and thought I would share them with you... I know I've had a post like this in the past but I'm always finding new things so I thought I'd share in no particular order...........

Sharpie Pen ... I love this pen!! The only downfall it that it doesn't work well on carbon copies :(

Bic Mark -It permanent markers....my friend Lindy gave me this set and I love them!!! All the colors and you can write on ANYTHING!! And they have these little rubber grippers just for your comfort!

My Rocket Dog Shoes.....I've had these for about 2yrs and I kinda forgot about them until recent. So I started wearing them and they are so comfy and I had gotten them on sale -- I actually found this pic online b/c I'm too lazy to take my own pic :)

Lemon Propel Packets .....I love this stuff its my favorite flavor!!! I hate drinking water....so I drink this instead .... I know nothing is as good for you as water but I figure this is better than coke.

My tart burner... this has been a love of mine for about 4yrs now!! I keep it in my kitchen and it pretty much smells up my whole house. The best part is that its electric so I don't have to worry about burning the joint down. This is my actual one I got from Bed Bath & Beyond. I found a new sent by Tyler (which I didn't know until yesterday that they had melters) Its called Limelight -- I love love love it.

Dear Yankee Candle,
I have been a loyal customer of yours for sometime now -- but you have disappointed me once again by discontinuing my favorite scent. First it was Juicy Orange, oh how you made my house smell so good. Now you have taken away my Good Morning scent...I just don't know if our relationship can survive this blow.
Disappointed in Norman

Current annoyance - My dog Casey - keeps whining - he has food and water, I gave him a cookie the back door is open so he can go outside freely -- and he is sitting here whinging at me -- I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT....

Currently listening to local Norman band Mama Sweet.


m.j. said...

Wow! We share some of the same loves =)
I love the sharpie pen, the propel flavor packs (although grape is probably my fave) and my tart burner, which my Mother gave me as a gift!
Must make a note to try the Bic Mark-it's!

Lopez said...

I love fun pens, too!!! You should see my desk at work, it is covered with pens b/c I love them all and always decide to use a different one everytime I write something.
Yeah...cool fact about me! heh heh.

I am a fan of the Kiwi-Strawberry propel--YUM!

Please let me know when Yankee Candle responds to your letter...I'm curious to hear their defense! LOL.

::why is one of the labels on this FUR KIDS::? Confused...


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