Monday, March 30, 2009


Well today is D-day #1 (diet day) I have to do something and now I am going to blog about it so this means I gotta do it -- I wouldn't want to disappoint my blog friends nor be embarrassed for slacking online :). So here are the dirty details and some may think this is crazy BUT I have to post the truth. I am 5'1 use to be small build now topping 149lbs - the most I've ever weighed in my entire life and I hate it. I hate the way it looks!! I am disgusted w/ my own self. So I have to change thats all there is. Now I ordered some diet pills -- which I want you to know I am typically TOTALLY against diet pills -- but I did research and read reviews and they don't have ephedra in them and Brad took them about 8 months ago and he said they didn't make him shaky or anything - so I took the first one today b/f going to eat sushi w/ the sweetest girl I know and I feel fine on them so far - Brad said they gave him energy, I'm not feeling that but maybe thats b/c I was up until 330am reading my book last night - IT'S SO GOOD!!

So anyways now that I've posted this I have to stick w/ it! Tomorrow is gym day, today is clean the bedroom day (which is a workout since I'm planning on rearranging) oh and I had to give Cooper a bath since he sat in mud ....silly dog


Lopez said...

Forgive me, in advance, if this comment is too long.

1. Yay for diets! I did notice that I lost more weight than ever when I posted my progress online...and that's b/c I knew people were reading it! [oh...and there was a $250 prize]

2. I just saw you two weeks ago. You look great, Reese...but I know how it is to feel bad about yourself...and hate the way you look, especially when you used to fit into most of the clothes in your closet! [i'm talking about me, not you]

3. You have my full and 100% support...and maybe when I read your progress, I will jump on the band wagon...just. have. to. get. over. lazy.

4. I love sushi. I had sushi yesterday, too! I love sushi.

5. Good luck and I look forward to future posts!!!

Carly Jane said...

Good Luck!! I know you can do it!! I need to start a diet too. what are the pills you got? I wanna have some if they work.


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