Sunday, March 15, 2009

And Your Reason For Visit Today...

So lately we have had just a few interesting things come through the ER -- its actually been quite boring -- I think one thing I miss about the overnight shift is all the crazies that walk through the door at 3am -- but anyways here are just a few that peeked my interest over the past couple of weeks.

So there is a state mental hospital about a city block away from us which can always bring in entertaining people. We have a new character that swallows pencils. Yep saw the endo pictures w/ my own eyes. A pencil broken in 3 peices down his throat. Now this in itself is a bit crazy but the craziest thing is that after the first visit for this pencil "mishap" on Friday he came back again on Saturday for the exact same thing!!

What are you serious who watches these people and why do they keep letting this guy get pencils!!

He is a new visitor - we use to have a guy from there that would not stick to pencils but swallow all kinds of things one that included batteries -- scary!!!

Last week there was a gentleman who checked in for general weakness and I was walking down the hall and couldn't help but noticed when I walked by his door that his feet were rotting off!! They were black and partially bandaged. Now I have seen this b/f sometimes if people have diabetes and don't take care of it they will get a sore on their foot and basically turn to infection next thing you know dying flesh. Had a guy come in and his whole foot was black and dead - kinda like that Adam Sandler movie crap can't think of the name of it... ah Mr. Deeds - anyways it stunk like dead animal!! Well this gentleman ended up being admitted and I had to go in to have him sign some ppwk and I noticed that all his finger tips were black hard and dead like too, luckly his wife was there to sign for him- it just makes me wonder how people let things get to THAT point you know!

We have had two accidental gun shots in the last couple of weeks. The first one was a bit suspicious -- Young girl was riding in the car w/ friends and the guy in the backseat was messing w/ a gun it went off and she was shot through the arm and into the stomach. Had to go to surgery she was fine. What was weird is that they found a gun at walmart and she was picked up by paramedics at braums across the highway -- police believe the two scenes were related.

Then yesterday we had a humorous misfortune - this guy come in and it was his birthday, he had been at the gun range and there was a kid I guess a few stalls down from him who just reloaded his gun when it discharged and hit birthday boy in the ass. Yep right though the right cheek into the left. He was a really good sport about it especially after the morphine. You couldn't help but laugh about it.

currently listening to my friend Camille Harp check her out! Love the song simple & dirty white boy and many many others!


the sweetest girl you know said...

I wondered what the story was about the girl shot over at Braum's. We were talking about it at work the next day, but nobody knew anything. The same day of that shooting, there was a car stolen at the auto valet next door to my work. It was crazy!

Do you have Camille's new CD yet? I can burn you a copy if you want!

Lopez said...

i love ER stories! If I ever get shot, I really hope it is in the ass. Forrest Gump made it look so painless!

I hope I never EVER get shot. Ever.

Anonymous said...

HEY THERESA!!! Does the hispanic woman come in everyday still? I remember I was like.. "you know who I haven't seen in awhile.. ______!" And next thing I know, there she is! haha And the crazy wheel chair woman!! Do you remember when she wouldn't leave the ER and so they called the cops TWICE! And finally took her away. Man. Remember when we would make Richie run tests on us? I miss those days. LOVE YOU! Emmy


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