Thursday, March 12, 2009

The City

Ok so I started to watch the first couple of episodes of MTV's The City and even though I liked it a lot I stopped watching b/c it conflicted w/ my DVR time - Intervention on A&E is Monday nights and Medium and so I couldn't record it too...So I just got done watching all the episodes on

- Seriously how did we survive w/o dvrs and the ablility to watch tv on the interwebs -

Anyways I just want to first point out the Olivia and her gay cousin are total BITCHES!!!! I loved it when she totally stumbled through her presentation ...and um...and um -- Yeah thats what you get you snobby bitch for taking credit for Whitney's ELLE cover!! Oh I would have had words w/ her by now I don't know how Whitney does it. I wonder what LC has to say about Whit's new workmate.

Jay and his buddy Adam --- I can not believe Adam straight up lied to his girl about making out w/ that one chick Cat. And when Allie confronted him and said she could tell that Cat was hurt by the fact that she had made out w/ someones b/f - he turned it around and said something to the fact that she was in pain b/c she knew she had lied about it --- UM WHATEVER -- I'm calling bullshit -- Love can blind the smartest people -- trust me I know I use to be one of them. And then we just have to presume that Jay hooked up w/ his ex AGAIN -- do you think those were real tears when he broke up w/ Whit?? Seriously!

And on a last note Allie just needs to eat a fucking burger and a ton of fries -- that girl is too skinny and she looks sickly!!

On a happy note The Hills returns in April -- So excited -- I saw a preview and it looks juicy :)


Lopez said...

Yet another long comment...from MOI.

First off, I was going to put a post up today called The Hills v. The City. I saw this post and I decided to go with my current frustration of traffic.
I LOVE the City (as you will see when i DO post my post)...I love Whitney, I think she is BEA-utiful! I have two conflicts with my DVR, we use our second one in the bedroom (which is getting really full!).
Olivia is a bitch. I wanted to put a post up just about her and how much I hate her-she thinks she is better than EVERYONE else...i hate her so bad, and she isn't even pretty!
The reason Allie got so offended by Kelly calling her anorexic is b/c it's TRUE! She is the ugliest in the bunch of the four girls...including Samantha!
Erin is so pretty...why does she date UGLY ass douche bags??
Finally...Jay. You know he totally hooked up with Danielle. TOTALLY. He's a lying whore and he isn't even good looking, yet he gets super hot girls like Whitney and Danielle. Go figure.
I love The City.
love it love it love it.


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