Monday, May 4, 2009

Barney the Blue Betta

the video is not that good - sorry

So a few months ago Brad came home with Betta fish -- I was so excited because I had been wanting one for awhile. However I have a strong fear of killing him because I had bad luck w/ fish as a little Reese. So I've never had a Betta b/f and he is quit interesting -- he is very aware of what is going on and watches us walk around the house or watches the dogs chase their ball -- its quite amazing -- I always had goldfish growing up and they were not as cool as Barney is. In fact I think that everyone should get a Betta!!

He is very easy to take care of -- we just clean his bowl about once a week or so and feed him twice a day. And thats it!

The only thing is that Betta's can get depressed -- yep just found this out this last week. I changed Barney's water last Wed and ever since then he has been depressed. I thought I had killed him and he was just dying a long death. He would just lay at the bottom of his bowl in the corner or behind his flower and wouldn't eat. Then I got on the Internet and looked up Betta fish and found out that they can get so depressed that they will starve themselves to death. So one thing it suggested was to hold a mirror up to him so that he thinks there is another fish to fight and then after awhile of him flaring his fins slowly back the mirror away and out of sight so that he thinks he won and the other fish backed down.-- sounds crazy I know -- So we tried it and it has actually helped!! Barney is eating again and swimming around more -- not as much as he use to but he's coming around. Its so crazy my fish is depressed and was on the verge of suicide by starvation -- who knew he was so sensitive.


Ruggy13 said...

aww we have a betta!!! we named him Abu! I never knew they could get depressed either!! I'll have to try the mirror trick!

Lopez said...

That is so funny, I had no idea that fish got depressed!

I like the red flower in his bowl!


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