Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling Flaky

So Cooper and Charlie both have dry flaky skin and since they are both black it quite noticeable. And if you don't know who the heck I'm talking about go here. Well today Casey got to go to PetsMart for his day of beauty which includes a bath, toe clippings, ear cleaning. While the other two get bathed at home b/c they have less hair and are SOOO...much easier to wash than Casey. So Brad and I were out and we took Cooper and Charlie to the dog park to play since Casey was gone today and they got so dirty!! So we dropped them off at home and ran around a bit, which included a stop at Petco for some new dog shampoo. We've been using oatmeal shampoo on them and they are REALLY flaky. So I found this shampoo called Feeling Flaky by Pet Head by TIGI who make Bed Head for peeps, which I myself am a fan of. Anyways I bathed them both when I got home and so far no flakes. Im sure it will take a few shampooings but they are super soft and smell great - it kinda had a grape scent to it. It was a bit pricey for dog shampoo $14.99 but it was only $2.00 more then the medicated one and smells way better!


Lopez said...

Hey girlie! That bottle is so cute, it makes me want to buy it and I don't even HAVE a dog!!! It's just a *bonus* that it's purple!!!
You finished your other book, do tell...and this current read...OMG looks AWESOME!
(I'll email you on Monday about that software upgrade--I had to take the post down, someone close to me said I was stooping to that person's level and all it proves is that this person is as pathetic as we thought)

the sweetest girl you know said...

I SO wanted to buy this when we were at Petco, but Clint said he wasn't paying that much for doggie shampoo. But if you say it works well, I may go back and get it! Hayden has been really flaky, too.


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