Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just A Bunch of Nothingness

Take the Pain Away
So today and yesterday I must say have been pretty crappy. I didn't feel good yesterday and spent most of the day in bed which then lead to a migraine. We had tickets to the OU/A&M basketball game which I ended up just giving to a friend b/c I felt so shitty. I feel bad b/c I guess it was a pretty good game from what I hear...which I wouldn't know I was in bed by 8:30. I tried going into work today, made it there but only stayed 16 min to be exact - my left eyeball felt as though it was going to explode out of my head so I was lucky enough to get to go home - which I slept again until about 6:30 tonight and finally woke up w/o as much pain in my I hope I can just sleep tonight.

Money Woes
I just got paid today and my money is already gone...don't you hate it when that happens! Which I'm a bit sad about but you know that is life and the bills have to be paid.

I sit here wondering whats wrong w/ my dogs b/c not only have they slept all day w/ me but they have also been sleeping all night. Even Charlie he has not asked to play w/ his ball all night!! I guess they are just as lazy as their mama.

Smell the Air
I don't know if any of you got out today or even this evening but the weather here is freaking awesome. I ran to the store around 7 and the air felt so good!! I love just breathing it in its so refreshing. I heard that we had our last cold day for the season on Wed. Which I hope it true b/c I am so ready for spring!!! And its suppose to thunderstorm on Mon which will be awesome as long as there are no tornados.

Yankee Love
I love yankee candles and I'm currently burning my favor sent (good morning) oh its such a wonderful smell!! I highly suggest it to anyone who like candles. I was thinking about investing in a Tyler candle next b.c I've almost burn through this one but I just love it so much I may just have to get another.

I'm Out
Well I'm off to sleeps...wish me luck - maybe I'll have something more interesting to blog about later :)



Lopez said...

Sorry you felt so know it's bad when you sleep all day long! I spent six days like that at the beginning of '07 and I thought death was looming!
I love the weather, too! LOVE it! Just wish I wasn't at work all day so that I can enjoy it!
My paychecks are gone before I even receive are right, it's a way of life...but i don't like it!! Not at all!!!

Lopez said...

I am so glad we are friends, too! It will be ten years this year, can you believe it?? That's a long time!!!!

Let's see what all of your favorite things that begin with "M" are!!!


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