Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shut Up!!!....I'm Trying To Sleep

When it comes to mornings I usually don't do well right off the start. My idea of waking up is to wake up w/o an alarm and to silence from everyone. Well Brad loves to sing to me in the morning whether I'm awake yet or not and sometimes this will result in me saying some very hateful things just to get him to shut up. Well he's just as bad as me sometimes. For example last night Brad went to bed before me and so I when I went to go to bed I had put the dogs up and this is what transpired.

Brad"what are you doing?"

Me "um coming to bed" then I went to crawl into bed I accidentally touched his foot while I was trying to crawl into the bed.

Brad "STOP IT!!! STOP TOUCHING MY FOOT!!! What are you doing"
by this time I was already in bed and not touching him any longer

Me "sorry ..."
then we fought over the blanket and I decided to go sleep in the other room.

So today I was talking about last night and he doesn't remember it at all, he says he dose remember me coming to bed but not all the other stuff. Which I think is funny.... not sure why but I do :)


Lopez said...

Ha! Andy and I are the same way...except i'm the one that's moody in the morning AND at night when he's bothering me. Andy is always happy, it's so weird...i wish I could be like that. On the other hand, what would I do without him???


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