Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Mother....

So I'm sure most of you are aware of the analog change over that has started to occur. And most of us in the 21st century haven't paid any attention to it b/c we all either have satellite or cable. Well my parents are one of the few that does not have any sort of cable and still run off the antenna in the attic (they don't even have a DVD player and probably wouldn't have a VCR if I didn't beg for it my sophomore yes people my sophomore year of high school) Anyways back to the point of this - this was the conversation that just took place between my mom and I on the phone.

me - ok mom brad just got home I'm going to let you go now I think we might watch a movie (just signed up for netflix - love it)

mom - oh your dad and I are watching blah blah - i have know idea what she said

me - oh ok

mom - you know we just don't get channel 9 anymore

me - well did you hook up that converter box

mom - yes

me - and you still don't get channel 9?? thinking....humm you should be able to scan for the channels. Does it have an instruction book?

mom - yes

me - did you read it?

mom - no, but it worked fine when the guy came and hooked it up....well I still have the attic antenna hooked so it should work its b/c we don't have that HD or whatever it is.

me - no mom thats why you have the box the are cutting off the signal to the attic antenna. It doesn't matter if its hooked up or not.

mom - long pause *crickets chirping* well I'll just go buy some rabbit ears

me - no mom thats not what I'm saying - antennas aren't going to work anymore thats why you have the box.

mom - oh...long pause...well hopefully the house will sell b/f June.

me - June?? Why whats June??

mom - well thats how long the channels are holding out for the switch.

me - ok mom I gotta go now.

I am still stilling here shaking my head as I blog about this .... what does she think will happen when she moves??? That the channels will come back?? She won't need the converter box??So I guess I'm going to the city in the next week or so to hook up her TV - oh and as a side note they only got one box and they have 2 TVs she said she she just moved it from one TV to the other. kills me this woman kills me.

And for my two loving cousins that read my blog (I know your out there) I would love to hear your response to this - you can leave a comment under anonymous and just sign you name or email me!!!


Lopez said...

Hahaha, aren't parents funny? You are definitely going to go need to hook her up...and maybe you should get them a dvd player for xmas...they totally don't know what they are missing out on! (what in the world do people do w/o movies and television!!!)

Anonymous said...

my mom is on her SECOND converter box already. she has had the first one set up since they started the " omg we are going to digital. you non cable people are screwed comercials" and i set up the second one cuz ya know im soo techy or something she thought i would do a better job ( we also had a hard time getting channel nine. and my mom said if she couldnt watch surviver she didnt even want that silly box on her tv.)

i still dont know why she set it up before everything converted? would it have made a difference? im just glad i have cable. at least till they turn it off and charge me 100 bucks cuz im late im my bill! hah! ( its funny. sorta. maybe not :( )

ps. glad you arent going to mexico. :)

Anonymous said...

Your Mother is...LONG PAUSE....Ive been searching for an answer to this for 25 years.
I do know this, I could have written the script to the phone call word for word prior to it happening. LOL!!


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