Saturday, February 14, 2009


Tonight at work we had two very young parents come in (mom 18, dad 19) w/ their baby boy that was only 1month and 22days old for arm pain/injury. After the doctor and nurse looked at him they suspected abuse. Yes abuse to a baby that is barely 2 months old. They took the baby to x.ray and found out that he had a broken humerus (the top bone in your arm) and a spiral fx on his lower arm on the radius and ulna. Yep his little tiny arm was broken in 3 places!!! And they said by looking at the x-ray that it appears the fractures happened at two different times b/c the angle of the break on the humerus was in opposite direction of the fracture on the bottom of his arm. They then looked at an x-ray of his other arm and there was an old fracture on that arm as well - if thats even possible to have an old fracure on a 1month and 22day old baby.

So baby was taken away, police, dective, and social services were called. Mom and dad got escorted out by Norman PD w/ their empty baby carrier and were not allowed to see their baby. Baby was transferred to Children's Hospital after lots of tender loving attention from the ER staff. They gave him 2 bottles of formula, got him clothes from the nursey and a little blue hat and a new blanky. They had to splint the arm w/ the 3 fx and it was so sad b/c he had this little chicken wing.

I just pray that this baby goes to a good foster home and is not returned to the parents b/c there is NO reason for this to happen.

Heartbroken In Norman


Lopez said...

That is a SUPER sad story to read...I know that when you have a brand new baby - especially when you are so young - is stressful and overwhelming, but how can anyone hurt a little baby? How can anyone hurt a child? I, too, hope that this baby finds a good home--and if they are returned to these parent, I hope that they are required to go through hours and hours of counseling before baby is returned.


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