Monday, February 9, 2009


So I'm sure most of you bloggers have stumbled across the alphabet game thats going around. Basically you get a letter from another blogger and then you list your top 10 items starting with that letter. Snappy (The Lopez Family) was kind enough to give me the letter "M" so here is my list in no particular order.

Money, money, money.....MONEY

Nothing makes you feel better then knowing you can have the freedom of a load of cash in your pocket to do whatever you please. However I tend to find that when I go shopping looking to actually spend I can't find anything I want to buy. Yet if I go when I'm broke I walk out with a list about a mile long...strange.


As I've mentioned before I love death, MURDER, kill shows. I don't know why I just do. In fact I have ID. (Investigative Discovery) on in the background right now and they are talking about a guy who had a box of noses under his how does that not peak your interest.


I can't help it! It's a slight addiction. I love looking into peoples lives and all their pictures. I hate it when people put their pages on private. I fill out the stupid surveys when I'm bored and change my layout on a regular basis. And everyone that is my friend is someone I actually know in real life other than about a handful of famous music peeps.

Matthew McConaughey

Can you say mmm.... So hot!! Thats all I got nothing else we will just take a moment of silence to bask in his beauty.

Dear Matthew, I know that you are different and do weird work outs on the beach but I want you to know that my love for you will never go away.

Mars candy bars

Probably my favorite candy bar ever!!! Even though they are kinda hard to find sometimes.


I love getting sucked into good movies. Sometimes I wish they didn't end. However the ending is a big deal for me - I hate it when they just stop...and your left there like what the ......

I think the medical world is my passion. I have bookmarked on my toolbar. There is just so much to learn and its an ever changing environment.


I know most of the world hates Mondays because it is when the typical work week starts all over again. BUT for me and my girls who do not work typical work jobs Mondays are our get together days. I'm actually more likely to hang out with my gals on a Monday then a Friday. Love you girls!!


Pasta in general I don't care the size or the shape give it to me all!! It has got to be my all time favorite dish. I've never met a pasta I didn't like.


Music is awesome!! Especially when you find that one song that fits whatever is going on in your life at that time... I love to jam out in my house when I'm home alone and dance around with my dogs.

So there are my 10 M's I hope you enjoyed and if your interested in a letter let me know I'll be happy to give you one :)


Lopez said...

1. LOVE your letter to MM up there!
2. Do you really have MURDER on your list of favorite things?
3. You may be the ONLY person I know who has "Monday" on their favorites list!
4. Mmmm...Mac 'n Cheese (or as Jadyn used to say: Mackycheese!)
5. I will say, ever since your blog about cleaning the bathrooms with your ipod shuffle as your companion, I've tried it myself and it makes cleaning more fun!

i love that you remember 'Snappy'. Love it!!!

the sweetest girl you know said...

Movies, music, macaroni, and mondays... all faves of mine, as well. That's why I heart you! I'll take a letter, please! You know I can't resist a blogger challenge.


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