Monday, January 25, 2010

Trash...You think we would learn by now

So it never fails....trash is full....not taken out at proper time...everyone gets a bit lazy now and then...unless you have dogs...then they remind you that you are only setting yourself up for disappointment...and a mess to clean up!

Today while I was taking a nap Brad decided to run and get something to eat...well instead of putting the dogs in their houses (crate) he left them out and the trash was unattended ...  I got up right when he came home to find the dogs had gotten into it...I have NO idea what was in there...other than coffee grounds & fast food leftovers...or for how long but Charlie ended up throwing up and Casey & Cooper are just acting like they don't feel well at all...hopefully out of all 5 of us ....we all learned our lessons...even if your gone for less then 10 min its enough time for 3 smart doggies to get into trouble and leave us w/ a mess to clean up.


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Lopez said...

No pictures of the real mess? ;o)


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