Friday, January 22, 2010

Annoying Errands

I apologize this is a pretty short and boring blog....

There are things in life that I just can't stand to do....these are just a few...

~ Going to put gas in my car...I always wait until I REALLY need it and I REALLY need to be somewhere!!

~ Going to the post office!! Especially to buy stamps!! I've only bought stamps like maybe 4 times my whole life b/c I would normally just steal them from my mom -- I don't even know the options for buying stamps - like what if I need just one??

~ Going to get my oil change... the smell of tire rubber gives me a severe  headache.

~ Going to the tag agency for anything!!! This last year I was very proud of myself I actually bought my tag w/i the same month it expired...normally I wait until I get a ticket... I think I even went like 4 months past due one year...I just HATE going and never think about it until I'm driving and see a cop..HA!

~ Going to the bank...I don't know why, maybe b/c I've mainly grown up in the digital age where everything is done electronically - and I hate writing checks and waiting for them to clear -- so annoying!!
another reason why I never need stamps I pay everything online :O)
~ Basically anywhere or doing anything where I may have to wait in an annoying line.. How bout you?? I do like to here from the very few that actually read ....hehehe



Lopez said...

Considering that I hate everything...I think my list would be extremely long; however...I do concur with a lot of yours. The gas thing. it's SO EASY to do, but it's so husband has actually started accusing me of waiting until i'm so low and then letting him 'borrow' the car so he will fill it. I don't do it on purpose...maybe unconciously.

as to the stamps...with their new automated systems in the lobby, you can go at midnight and use the machine (w. your debit card) and get's pretty awesome. Even at Christmas, they put xmas stamps in the machine so while everyone else was in a long ass line, i marched right up and got what i and out!

and oil Jetta died b/c i didn't get it's oil seriously, it's why i had to get a new car!


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