Monday, January 18, 2010

The 60's

If there was any time period that I could live in or go and visit it would be the late 60's... I would want to be a gal!

I'm currently watching a documentary on 1968 on History Channel and it is so intriguing to me... I think its the idea that they were mentally... spirituality...and emotionally...probably b/c of all the drugs..and I'm not saying that I want to be a druggie... but the things they got to experience -- Woodstock 1969!! seeing Jimi Hendrix on stage or the Doors, Grateful Dead soooo... much good music!!-- would be so awesome!!!!! The protesting and the bra burning... history being made!!!

What time period would you want to visit or live in if you could??

Peace, Love & Rock n' Roll....



Lopez said...

I get nostalgic all the time...

Right now I'm reading War and Peace and it makes me wonder about life in the earlyl 1800's so bad...but if I were to go back in time it would either be to the Roaring 20's or the 1950's. Those periods seem so awesome to me...

I want to see this documentary that you speak of!!!

(P.S. When are we going ghost hunting??? heh heh)


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