Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sad Way To Start My Day

So my day at work started pretty crappy today - first this is a sad story from the ER that does not end well - second some background info... yesterday we had a young man who was 17 come into our ER for a psych evaluation w/ his mother. And it is my understanding is that b/c he was a minor we could not admit him anywhere nor was there anywhere to send him, again b/c of his age. Normally if you come in for this type of visit you will either be admitted to our behavioral medical floor in the hospital or to Griffin Memorial Psychiatric Hospital which is like a block away ---- anyways I personally did not have any contact w/ him other then just seeing him pass in the hall but I remember him. Today I came into work and I am notified that he had taken his own life by shooting himself. Now I can honestly say that there is only one other time that a death has bothered me while working in the emergency room - for some reason this one got me - I think it was b.c i just saw him - I remember what his shirt looked like and everything - it rattled me to the core -- it is just so sad that he felt that by ending his life was the only way out and my prayers go out to him and his family and friends.

* it also makes me wonder on how he got his hands on a gun when his parent knew of his mental status - not placing blame - just curious.


Jaimie and Andy said...

I am BAFFLED as to why they are unable to admit a minor if they are desparetly in need! Obviously this was a severe case and a life is gone...if this is some sort of law, it needs to be reversed immediately. This story makes me angry...if he had been able to get the help he needed, he would be here today.

Carly Jane said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. Things need to change. That is not right and I agree stringly with Jaimie on this as well. I'm sorry you had to go thru this. I will keep you and his family in my prayers.


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