Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering Bob

I was given the bad news Sunday morning that my godfather had passed away Saturday night somewhat unexpectedly. Bob was a wonderful man and I was lucky enough to have him a part of my life growing up. He just lived next door to my parents so when I was younger I would go over there and he would let me play frogger on his computer or we would sit and talk about life and school. He went to a lot of my softball games growing up and he was Santa clause and the Easter bunny long after I knew the truth. He was the one that encouraged me to enjoy reading by giving me a book and a stuffed animal for the holidays during my pre.teen years. He was at all the major events in my life, first communion, 8th grade & high school graduation (8th grade shown above), my wedding, and every single birthday dinner up until a few years ago.

Bob was diagnosed w/ polio at the age of 5 which left him handicapped. He still pursued living an independent life by modifying his truck so that he could drive w/ his left foot. He also graduated from OU w/ an engineering degree. He never married and never had kids and was a HUGE OU football fan. He was diagnosed w/ a heart condition about 6 years back and b/c of his polio the doctors were unable to operate they only gave him a few years to live. Well he lived longer then expected and was in pretty good health considering. Bob passed away on the 27th after falling ill a week before. His mother and his sister were by his side. Even in his last moments he was thinking of others, his sister stated that he was saying "tell my friends I'm sorry I couldn't say good bye." He was the most giving, thoughtful person I ever knew and he will be missed greatly.


Jaimie and Andy said...

Oh I am sorry to hear that you lost someone so close to you around the holidays--and what a sad way to start the new year...


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