Sunday, December 7, 2008

my current craze

currently i am addicted to playing mario galaxy on the wii. if you were ever one who enjoyed the old mario games as a child then i highly suggest this game!! you have to go around collecting stars to open up new planets - some levels are almost 3-D and would look way awesome if i had a better tv. the camera angles are not what you expect which makes it difficult at times when your running upside down. so far ive been able to change into bee mario and a ghost mario to disappear and go through walls and ive completed 2 galaxies.....if you have a wii i totally suggest you check out this game!!

blogging has become a fun thing for me...however i don't know about you guys but i come up w/ my best blog ideas when im trying to go to sleep and then i go and sit in front of the computer the next day and i just get writers block. ive also started reading complete strangers blogs which i find surprisingly interesting. there is one that my friend jaimie follows - probably one of her friends - but its so funny its about his experiences as a waiter - it cracks me up!!

i finally got addicted to my book last night at work - thank god b/c its like 800 pgs - so this week on my days off i am going to make myself read. i have found it so difficult to read when i am at home! i either get bored and find something else to do or i fall asleep. when i worked overnights there was a lot of downtime and i was reading a book a week and i loved it. to me its a sense of accomplishment to finish a book. now i can't read a work as much so im having to find time at home. current read angels and demons by dan brown.

this last one isn't quite a craze yet....but im trying really hard to make it one -- going to the gym! now that i have 4 days off a week there is no excuse for me not to go! i have plenty of time - the first week was awesome! i felt great, i thought about it and wanted to go! the second week i didn't go at all.... i didn't feel good last week so i missed the gym completely. this week im going to try my hardest to get back in there... i have learned i only like to go to the gym by myself. i've tried going w/ friends or w/ brad and i just don't like it! im not as focused and i feel like i have to accommodate them.


Jaimie and Andy said...

We've had Mario Galaxy for awhile, but I've never sat down to play it--but you have totally piqued my curiosity!!!
I LOVE to blog-surf. After I'm done checking the blogs of my friends, I love to hit the button at the top of the page that says "next blog" someone totally random and then using the links in their blogs. I'm a total blog stalker!!!
Good luck with the gym...and I'm really going to need to get into your profession--4 days off/week? holy cow!!!

Jaimie and Andy said...

P.S. I love your new background!


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